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The Miracle Worker Essay

The movie gave me an idea how hard to be a blind and deaf person. She has no knowledge or understanding, and just grabs whatever she wants and breaks whatever she doesn’t want. But it was the most amazing part when the teacher of blinds trained her to be a natural person, what I mean is formal. This teacher never surrenders in teaching Helen. She’s so inspiring for me because as a future teacher I will do it too.

I really don’t want to be a Secondary Educator but a Special Educator because they are more amusing that the other students that were not disable because they are more gentle, good and more blessed because I know the reason why they have disability, because God has plan for them, I’m not saying that those people without disability has. Because for me God has a plan for all of us.

Sometimes those with disability are more confident and perseverant than those without disability because they want to be recognize, and prove that although they have disability they can still perform what a normal person can do. I think the real message of this story is to never give up for her teacher who never stop loving and teaching her. I say this because lot of people easily surrender from challenges they faced. If you don’t have ability like her teacher you will give up easily. Because you will probably say that it’s just money and you can still earn it to others.

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