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The Midnight Lover Assignment

Women just can’t resist me. It must be my special charm that does it; at least I’ve never had any complaints yet. I find that embracing a different girl every night and pouring my warm passionate kisses over her with all the romance of Valentino and the cold, calculating seduction of Landru. They are at my mercy. God, I must be a handsome fellow. Success follows success as I leave behind me score upon score of contented female companions. It all began last autumn with Rachel. She was the first and truly the dearest in memory that I would recall. Oh, Rachel, my dearest, most affectionate love, what has become of you now?

Her eyes glistened with the radiance of a thousand stars. Her lips were firm but sweet to taste and her skin was of the finest I have known. I loved her from the very first and my heart was heavy knowing that I must leave her for another. With her I learned the true meaning of love and that goodbye almost broke my heart. But since that time there have been a thousand farewells and as many loves. Each one has offered eternal paradise but I have declined to seek the warmth of another. I cannot consider being selfish whilst there are so many who need my love and affection, a love that they would never find with another.

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I am their salvation, their only hope. Without me they would just be empty shells, unable to find satisfaction and contentment. I love them all, each one a complete individual from the rest, but I would never choose any of them in favouritism to another. I have never given more time to one than any of the rest, nor have I rejected any who have called to me. I have always shared my love equally with each one, as I know that some are capable of jealousy, and I believe that I am appreciated all the more for my fairness.

I have never actually attempted intercourse with any of them although I know that they would not object to it, and I have had several opportunities. My nature tells me that it would be wrong to take advantage of their love for me to indulge in this type of love. Anyway, in some cases members of their family are present and I would find it most embarrassing to attempt the seduction of a girl whilst under constant surveillance of her dear mother. Occasionally, I attempt to stay away from them for a couple of nights, but even as I sleep I can hear them calling me to their sides.

I know I’m a fool and always give in to their pleas but I love them more than anything else in the world. Oh my darlings, I adore you all. Perhaps the most confusing thing of all is that you never know who you will meet the following night, so I never under any circumstances make arrangements to see the same girl twice, and the thought to settling down with one of them has never entered my head. There are certain setbacks however. Once or twice in the past some of my fellow males have become very jealous of my intimacies with these women. Perhaps it is because they do not have the charm and the love that I have.

For instance, last week they tried to put an end to our lovely acquaintance in a most primitive way. Fools they are, don’t they understand that their stupid methods cannot inhibit true love? I knew that it would have been useless trying to explain it to them, as my words would never have pierced their thick skulls. So, instead I waited until they had completed their futile retaliation against me and then under the cover of darkness I returned to my loved ones. Nothing could keep me from them. Oh my dear ones, my darlings. I have returned to give you my love!

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