The Matrix Reloaded - Assignment Example

I’m not going to lie to you. If you haven’t seen the first film, for one your stark raving crazy as it is a masterpiece, and for two, you are going to find it very hard to follow and understand the next chapter in “The Matrix”. But we here, actually aim the writer, editor, and publisher at film centre, so I will try and fill in the large complicated gaps. This is the jist of the story. Everything that you touch, feel, smell, and hear is not real. It is infact a computer generated program known as the “The Matrix”, including the human race, and that sounds complicated this is the bread sticks of a seven-course meal.

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The machines have control over the vast majority of the human race by encapsulating them in millions upon millions of pods. These pods let the human within their pod live out a normal life. Within their minds. So this means that they have no freedom and are oblivious to what is going on around them. WHY I hear you cry. Well these machines think that we are an excellent supply of heat energy, that’s what I thought as well. This is probably easily explained by the photo on the right. If you times those pods by about four hundred million and that are more like the real picture, this is mind blowing when you see this in movie.

Anyway back to the story. But it is not as smooth for the machines as that, the human race is fighting back as an elite few are hacked in to the program of the “The Matrix” and try to set the minds of the humans free, the comrades are shown on the left. Morpheus played by Laurence Fishbone (yes that is his real name) and Trinity (no not a name of a Sunday league football team) are names that will crop a lot, as they are the main and key characters in the film that try to free the minds of the trapped. One of the programmes key weapons inside “The Matrix” are agents.

These agents where souly put inside the program to kill the likes of Morpheus. These agents can bend the rules of gravity and can manover death defying stunts. The visuals that portray this in the film are unreal. But one person can save the humans from the machines, but his mind is under the control of the machines. Morpheus soon takes care of that. But the bulk of the film is how Morpheus and co tries to tell Neo that he can do anything he wants inside “The Matrix” as he is the one. Of course they do and we see Neo right at the very end of the film become the one and does some really cool stuff, like flying !

Finally at the very end of the film you hear really funky rock music and you know there will be a sequel. And that’s about it. But my best advise to you is to actually watch as it a lot to take in even when you do watch it. The Making Of Now your probably thinking, if this is film is as good as people says it is how is good and what makes it good. But calm yourself, as I will now tell you. One of the most impressive things about this movie is the special effect. Undoubtedly you have seen trailers for the movie and you will see how good they really are.

These effects are created by one simple factor. Very expensive computers. Seriously though computers create a lot of the effects but some are created by what’s called blue screen. This is where a stunt is performed in front of a blue screen and the special effects team can weave their magic and put any backdrop behind them making it look amazing. The thing that astounds me as a film reviewer is how much time and effort the team behind the matrix reloaded went to, to find the perfect set for each and every one of there perfected scenes.

As you can see from the picture, you can see a free way. If you thought this you would be correct. “So what” is probably your next question. Well the crew from the film actually built this free way from scratch just for the film. So what do you get from thousands and thousands of tonnes of concrete and six months of hard graft. One the other things the Wachowski brothers like to do is to plan what their film will look like before it goes onto the film.

So they do this by drawing the film, in its entirety with a comic strip. You are privileged enough now to see an original drawing from the film. A similar picture went for sale in auction with a lot of zeros on the end of the final price. The picture shows the legendary agent Smith receiving a nasty blow from the “One” and only Neo. The thing I wondered as I’m sure pondering the same query is how did the producers of the matrix reloaded find such an elite and prestige cast with the likes of Reeves who are also amazing at kung fu.

My answer is they didn’t. So how did they become the cousins of Bruce Lee? Through nine months of intense training. The actors who where involved in the fight scenes had to under go rigorous martial arts training so that the scenes with the fights involved looked authentic and real. But the film suffered a set back when Trinity played by Carrie Ann Moss broke her leg in the first week of training. But the all the hard work paid off with visuals like these.

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