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The matrix of Friendship Essay

This is a story of four young budding chaps, who were naughty as well as intelligent and life was very easy for them. The story reminds me of a message from the movie ‘Forest Gump’ that life is a box of chocolate. As it is rightly said every human being is unique. This was also seen in these guys. They stayed together all the day but their tastes and interests were different. One was a very good sports player and one of the best cricketers in the town. The second one was an excellent photographer.

The third was a computer wizard and always busy with computers. The fourth was, always busy with others’ activities and always busy with girls and pulling others legs. In though they had a crush in different fields they were very good friends and people use to swear on their friendship. At times they had different opinion and even had some conflicts but always did polling within them if they had different opinion and stack to the decision of the majority. Once the cricket-loving chap met with an accident while practising his game.

The ball hit his eye and made him unconscious for hours. But these three friends came as soon as they heard the news and took him to the hospital and treated him like his mother. When the boy gained consciousness they learnt that he was not able to see with one eye. But thanks to today’s medical science, the doctors said that he will regain his sight as the time passes. All the other three friends helped him and stayed with him always and gave him a warm hand. This made their friendship stronger.

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Those days the guy who loved photography got an opportunity to work with the team of expert photographers from Kodak and so he had to move to the valley of the Himalayas to capture some natural beauty with a camera. So only three of them remained. All the time these three guys missed their friend and the fourth chap always felt isolated with all the camera experts. He used to send e-mails regularly and even used to chat on the internet. So the computer wizard used to log the computer and read out the mails and learn what’s happening at his end.

The chap once logged into his friend’s computer by breaking some programs and firewalls on the internet They never realised that this was a crime, rather thought that this was an achievement. And the other three always used to boast that their friend could break passwords and firewalls. Soon the chap returned form the great valley of the Himalayas and they were united again. Soon the time of examination in school came. Now this time the naughty and outgoing guy had a problem with books.

He used to say “Books are my closest enemies. And use to tell his teachers that “More Study More Confusion, Less Study Less Confusion and No Study No Confusion”. But this time he got an ultimatum from his parents that he needed to get through with his subjects. He started reading at the last minute, got all the last minute revision stuff and all the notes. But everything was new for him and he was not able to understand a single word out of it. His three friends always tried to help him understand the topics and even gave him company while reading but at the end even they stood helpless. Life wasn’t beautiful at this moment.

The days were passing very fast and now exams were a week ahead. The boy got depressed because of the exams fever and the pressure put on him by his parents. He started to thinking worried and consumed a few sleeping pills but fortunately one of the friends visited him at the same time and gave him the necessary first aid. They now stared to find some options to help their friend by hook or crook. One came up with idea of making some cheats and carrying along in the exam hall, while the other came up with the idea of bribing the examiner. But these all were not practically feasible.

Then suddenly they remembered that their friend can break the firewalls and enter into any remote computer. They came up with the idea that the computer wizard can break through the university server and download the examination papers. The wizard didn’t agree to the idea but the other three stuck to this idea and as they always believed in majority wins. The wizard had to try cracking into the university server. At midnight he logged into his computer and tried to break the code of the server. After several attempts he got through the code and had an admin access for the server.

And finally succeeded in getting the examination papers. This was the movement of joy for all of them not only getting the papers but even cracking the server. After few weeks the expert network team of the university traced the logs on the server and found that some remote computer accessed it on a particular date and time. They found the exact computer from which the server was cracked. And learnt that it was of that particular person. The chap was called in the chairman’s office and was rusticated from the university.

More over now he cannot get admission in any university, as this was one of the greatest cyber crimes. His friends also stayed helpless this time. The computer wizard had a very bad time and even felt shame on him by using his skills in a wrong manner. He left the town and migrated to city and started using his skills in a positive manner. Today he is in the team on one of the software giants and is developing a firewall, which cannot be easily broken. Thus he has started using his skill in a proper and efficient manner. The other three friends are planning to visit his new house in the city.

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