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The level of poverty in Noxubee County in America Essay

This was a research study aimed at investigating the level of poverty in Noxubee County in America. With a noted state of alarming poverty in this County a research study was provided in studying the level of poverty in the country in respect to the various variables of livelihood within it. Notably, material life in the county is characterized by high rate of unemployment, low levels of small-scale farming, poor status in social amenities, health and public facilities. Consequently, it was noted that the county experienced a threshold of high levels of poverty.

However, the exact scope of its parametric orientations was unknown and therefore brought out this study. Nature of research activity Due to the numerical data expected from the research, the study was however descriptive. Tangible numerical values comprised the nature of the data so collected. This was from numerical counts and evaluating various numerical values such as salaries and level of household income. Variables used In order to capture the most appropriate image about poverty level in the county, the study captured various variables which helped to expose the most valid data for the study process.

Variables included the level of household income, unemployment numbers, family sizes, different age groups in relation to various social factors, birth rates, household consumption, cost of health facilities and the level of education by different persons within the county. (http://home. ubalt. edu/ntsbarsh/stat-data/Topics. htm) Population of study The population of the county was heterogeneous with a wide scope of diversity in its characteristics. It was skewed to various extremities in relation to the study variables.

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At one level, it assumed pockets of high, middle and low states of poverty. Elsewhere, diversity was evident in the rate of unemployment across different age groups and social status. population was also structured into different scopes in terms of age bracket. Since specific individual share specific characteristics, such can be cumulated for statistical data. (http://brent. tvu. ac. uk/dissguide/hm1u3/hm1u3text3. htm) Methods for sample collection The collection of data for sampling process involved use of various methods which were through the use of questionnaire, and oral interview.

Questionnaires involved a set of structured questions. The questionnaires were then sent to the respondents for filling. The filled questionnaires were then compiled for analysis. Elsewhere, interviews involved choosing respondents at random and asking the most appropriate questions within the research requirements. Generally, the response from the respondents was filled adequately for analysis. (http://brent. tvu. ac. uk/dissguide/hm1u3/hm1u3text3. htm) Methods of data analysis For appropriate statistical outcome, there was a full use of statistical data analysis using the SPSS.

Either, various tools and corresponding statistical techniques such as T-test, fishers test, histograms, correlations, bar charts and graphs were used to analyze the data. In the analysis process an era term was allowed and an estimated level of precision to provide the most appropriate statistical results. (http://home. ubalt. edu/ntsbarsh/stat-data/Topics. htm) Conclusion The findings from the research activity provided that the county had various scopes that signified its level of poverty. At one level the statistical activity provided that 75% of the population lived below poverty.

There were high incidences of unemployment and the better part of the population living under low levels of subsistence farming. Elsewhere, the county was deeply held in high levels of poverty which have meant poor standards of living. Adequacy of the conclusion The conclusion provided by the above statistical activity was a compliment of high compatibility with what is perceived by the county. It had high levels of poverty when compared to the other counties within America. This is to imply that the research process was adequate.

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