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The Landlady Essay

After finishing off the slightly strange tasting tea, and refusing a few more cup’s, which the landlady seemed to be trying to force down him, Billy decided to go off to bed. “Are you off to bed? ” said the friendly landlady, “Yes I am afraid so, I have got a big day ahead of me tomorrow” said Billy, The landlady replied, with a rather worrying grin “Well I have got a feeling you will be staying for a while, do have a good nights sleep. ” Billy left the room with the landlady’s words playing on his mind, wondering what she meant by them.

As he walked towards the stairs he began to feel dizzy and his body was swaying from side to side as if he was aboard a ship. As he was about to take his first step up the stairs he could feel a falling sensation, and he fell on to the floor with a loud crash. He woke up and couldn’t remember a thing, he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face. It was pitch black, and he could feel himself lying on a hard cold surface rather than the nice comfy bed he expected.

What made him even more suspicious about were he was is that there was a strange smell in the air, it smelt like rotting flesh. As his eyes adjusted to the light he was in shock at what he saw, it looked like an operating theatre. He sat up suddenly and could feel his head banging and his back aching, as he tried to move off what he now noticed looked remotely like an operating table He realized that he was fastened down by large metal locks on each corner of the table. He struggled against the locks but he knew it was pointless.

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He was shaking all over in fear of what was going to happen to him. He felt weak and dizzy and was wondering were he was and why he was there. He lay back down and looked around, he could see all sorts of strange implements dotted around the room. A huge array of knives, blood stained overalls hanging from a rusty hook on the wall, different length needles, each with a different coloured liquid in it and the most worrying of all was a strange looking machine that he didn’t have a clue what it did. There was everything you would expect to find in an operating theatre.

His forehead was now dripping with sweat, he began to shout, “Were am I, what am I doing here. ” Moments later the innocent looking land lady stepped in. “Did you have a good sleep dear? ” she said in a quiet chilling voice. “Were am I, what happened, how did I get here? ” Billy shouted impatiently. The land lady switched on the light, and Billy could now see the room and the landlady properly. The landlady was now wearing the blood stained overalls over her original clothes, she’d taken them from the hook on the wall.

The room had a very murky look to it. The paint of the walls was pealing and the room and its contents looked as if it had never been cleaned. As he looked in to one corner of the room he noticed what looked to be two men they were both stuffed and just as well as the animals in the living room of the B&B. They were hanging from the ceiling, there faces had started to rot as they had been hanging there a while. Billy was screaming and shouting as loud as he could and trying to release his arms and legs from were they were chained down.

He knew he was going to be her next victim. ” Help, let me out, Help, Help, Help” Screamed Billy. “So you have noticed Mr. Mulholland and Mr. Temple then, I told you they were still here. ” Billy now realized who they were and why there names sounded so familiar. He had remembered hearing rumours when he first started the company about an employee going missing after going to a meeting in Bath, and the same thing happening again about a year later. The company kept very quiet about it and said they just left because of personal problems.

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