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The Kite Runner Assignment

‘A man, who has no conscience, no goodness, does not suffer’. Discuss this extract from Rahim Khan’s final letter to Amir. In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner he describes a man with principals and decency as a man that can grieve and suffer and a man who does not have principals or decency does not suffer the pain of guilt. Amir is that man as he has the morality to feel guilty for the sins he has committed and for the wrong he has done.

Assef on the other hand is nothing like that he has no regret for what he has done, he does not care and unlike Baba it does not affect him. Baba feels the pain of what he has done every day as he sees the result of his shameful act constantly. As for Amir his conscience is constantly haunted by the understanding of his wrongdoings and that is what makes him that ethical man Rahim Khan describes in his last letter. Amir is a man that possesses the ethics and honor that allows him to feel remorse and sorrow.

He had “watched Hassan get raped” and instead of protecting him he “ran because was a coward. ” Amir tried to get rid of his guilt from this event by repeating that “he was just a Hazara” but he was unable to let go. This truth became a “curse” to Amir, he wanted to just blurt “out the truth” but he was unable to as he wanted Baba to love him and acknowledge him. As Amir slowly grew apart from his past in Afghanistan and as he began to start a new life his past came back. He “envied .

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Her secret was out” but he was still being haunted by his as he was a moral man. All of Amir’s guilt and pain from hiding the truth shows that he felt bad for what he had done since he had the principals of a decent man. His guilt stayed within him until the day when he saved Sohrab and at the moment Amir “felt healed. Healed at last” his guilt was gone as he knew that as decent man he had finally done the right thing. His suffering had finally come to an end he is now just an honorable man with no regrets.

Amir had suffered a lot but unlike him Assef did not suffer at all as he did not have the courtesy or ethics to understand that what he had done was wrong. Assef is not an earnest man as he has no sense of right or wrong and no mercy; he commits acts of cruelty and does not mourn in the guilt of what he has done. Assef believed that “massacring Hazaras” was his “mission” in life he had no guilt and no regret at all and that was why he joined the Taliban as he thought it was his purpose in life.

Not only was he low enough to kill a person but he ad no morality what so ever as he found pleasure in doing so and also in “raping children. ” In Assef’s eyes what he was doing was “taking out the garbage,” getting rid of who and he thought was unworthy to live and he believed that by raping children he was giving them a lesson as he believes “Lessons are a good thing for boys. ” It is shocking as to how Assef was able to sleep at night with all the bad and immoral things he had done. This only goes to show that Assef does not possess the characteristic of an honorable man.

Though Baba being the sinner he was at least had the ethics and morality to feel a sense of shame for what he had done as he was nothing like Assef. Baba was an honorable man that went through the agonizing pain of guilt which bothered him in all aspects of his life as he was a man with principals. He was known as “Mr. Hurricane” as he lived the life of an honorable and respected man since he did many things to get himself rid of the guiltiness that followed him. He went through the pain and burden of having secrets and lies.

Those secrets and lies had stolen a lot away from Ali and Hassan and this debt that he owed them had become a burden since they had separated. Baba tried to stop them by ordering “I forbid you to do this! ” but to no avail as they left, leaving Baba as a “tormented soul. ” Baba’s maturity and capability to handle and endure pain and suffering let him to live on until the guilt that was torturing him from the inside ironically killed him. Baba the moral man, he endured a lot of suffering as all moral and decent men do as a conscience of their wrongdoings.

A man, who does not have integrity, no ethics, does not feel any remorse towards the sins that they are guilty for. Assef is this man as he has never had any guilt for what he has done unlike Amir and Baba who are tormented and burdened by the lies they have told and by their bad deeds they have committed towards their loved ones. A man who can suffer due to their guilt possesses a certain type of decency and is also able to understand what is right and what wrong.

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