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The Hypocrisy of Religion Essay

I’m going to talk about the hypocrisy of religion. It’s not really possible to define religion, but it is possible to say it involves belief in a magnificent power or divinity, as well as a belief in the after life. The belief usually is involved with ‘god’; This God has given humans a moral code to follow, and this moral code requires us to be selfless and to care for each other and the world. If we obey, God will protect our existence: if we do not obey, God will destroy us.

This clearly shows people blindness to the truth; that religion is an illusion, a fairy tale which has been exploited to the extreme; it protects people form the truth, and does not let them see the world for what it is; an egotistic place. Religion is a prison for the mind. Religions are dogmatic – they assert information without any proof, and are intolerant, as they do not accept other beliefs.

This is what Karl Marx believed, he said, and I quote:

‘Religion is the opium of the masses’

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Or, as was said by Stephen King:

“The beauty of religious mania is that it has the power to explain everything. Once God (or Satan) is accepted as the first cause of everything which happens in the mortal world, nothing is left to chance…logic can be happily tossed out the window.”

– Clearly showing their views on “Religion”

I believe that religion is the cause of many things, and without it, there would be a better world.. Religion is the cause of about 65% of the problems with this planet. Religion causes a contradiction of beliefs from two or more groups of people, and sparks a war; for instance, the Serbs and Muslims – they have a conflict in ‘religious beliefs’ and they fight because one another doesn’t see ‘god’ the way others do. The same thing is happening in Ireland, between Protestants and Catholics.

The root of all religion is fear of the unknown, fear of death and fear of a meaningless universe. Religion feeds upon fear and needs it to survive. It encourages weakness. Men have been taught to “trust in god” and rely upon divine intervention in daily life instead of finding real strength in themselves.

Most children are raised to purposely believe a particular religion and tend not to study other religions; to raise a child by religion is wrong, they should not take part in one until they are old enough to make intelligent decisions on it. Otherwise, it allows the fear to be engraved into belief and the loss of reason. Religion is the corrupter of life, it forges lies of reward or punishment in afterlife, distracting people off what is truly valuable in life. It makes credulity and ignorance virtue.

The incompatibility between science and religion is simply this: A scientist will not believe something until he sees it; a religious man will not see anything until he believes it.

And, to conclude, generally I think people turn to religion when they don’t care for the rational and scientific truth, or feel uncomfortable about it, or simply haven’t been offered a choice; when they don’t know what choices to make and what is right or wrong, they look for a superior being to instruct them.

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