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The Heart of the Storm Assignment

I was out in the Mediterranean doing my weekly Sunday fishing trip. It was to leave Gibraltar at seven o’clock in the morning and fish until around three o’clock so I could return home for five o’clock and relax before dinner. So that morning I left at 7 o’clock as usual and it seemed an almost perfect day for fishing with the sun rising behind the misty but humid looking Rock of Gibraltar.

I set sail out into the Mediterranean enjoying the unusually calm sea for around fifty miles and then I looked to the west, out to sea and saw a silver coloured spot growing larger and larger which meant it was getting nearer and nearer. At first I thought I was seeing things but then I realized what it was. It was a tornado. It suddenly became extremely cold and foggy and at when this happened I collapsed into a heap on the deck of my small fishing boat and nearly fainted, but I caught hold of the frosted metal door handle of the cabin and quickly pulled myself up off the floor and ran into the cabin.

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I switched on the engine, which had been turned off so that it wouldn’t scare off fish, I slammed the boat into gear and pushed as hard down on the acceleration pedal as I could but then, heard a abnormally loud bang from the engine, it usually makes a whistle sound when I accelerate, and suddenly I looked back to thinking I would see that the tornado had reached me but, what had actually happened was that engine had exploded. I had the sudden feeling that these were going to be the last moments before I would die.

I leant up against one of the tiled walls of the cabin and put my head in my hands praying to God that I would survive and thinking why couldn’t this tornado had come last weekend when, at this time, I was sitting in bed, ill with a stomach virus. When I was in my bed on that day I was feeling extremely upset about not going fishing and I felt great pain from the illness, but, I would rather had been in such a state at this moment than how it actually was. By now I was sweating and crying at the thought of the next breath I take could be my last.

So I looked out of the window of my cabin thinking that this will be the last thing I will ever see with these eyes and I saw the tornado coming towards my boat and it was around a mile away and it reached within ten feet of the boat in a matter of seconds. I took one last deep breath and hoped for the best. A quick and painless death. It lasted a maximum of two seconds but it felt like an eternity. But, within those two seconds the tornado raged over the boat, capsized it and carried it around twenty miles further out to sea.

I heard the smashing of the tiles on the walls of the cabin which I was in and I heard the crunching and snapping of the wood from the decking of the boat. I didn’t see very much as my eyes were shut tight with the fear and pain of the roaring beast which would bring my life to an early end. The most terrifying sound was by far the quietest but for some reason was the most audible. This sound was the hushed roars and whistles of the tornado which ripped my small, but sturdy fishing boat in a matter of seconds.

Through all of this mayhem I was taken away by the undercurrent of the sea and I was knocked unconscious about eight or nine seconds after the great drama of the tornado. I woke up to my favourite sound, the brushing noise of the waves coming into the beach, except today I was being carried in with them in the worst pain imaginable. After the waves dumped me on the cushioning but slightly rough feeling of the sand and I opened my eyes gradually and painfully, as I had cuts on my eyelids and everywhere else on my body.

I was on some sort of island that was everything but familiar. It had palm trees all over it and seemed to have no inhabitants except for the flies I could feel biting at my bleeding wounds all over my body. But then, I heard a sound within the palm trees before me, was someone or something there? Do they want to save me or kill me and eat me? I suddenly felt the same feeling of horror that I felt before I looked out of the cabin window of my boat to see the tormenting raging tornado speeding towards me.

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