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The Gobbler-Meter Essay

“Thump”, the fist landed hard on the cheek making the victim fall hard on the dusty floor where the other two victims laid; the fourth to-be-victim ran away as he could but nay a sharp edged stone came between his legs tripping him; making him fall towards the dusty floor. The person seen responsible was a boy, not an average boy you see around in school but one who was much larger than the boy of his age and much rounder than the watermelons anyone has eaten. The people who have seen him and went through his beatings or should we say had been their sandbag called him “the Gobbler-Meter” but his actual name was William Harrison Lincoln.

Wherever he went, people expected to hear the earth moving and whenever he fell on the ground; people most tend to start begging for mercy from God. This is how badly he has set his status in the town. But no one would dare tell him what they felt or there next stop would be the face plastic surgery room. The Gobbler-Meter had a troubled childhood; his father passed away the night he was born and his mother worked around clock just so he could go to school and live an average life as a country boy. His troubled life reflected well on his behaviour towards other children and adults.

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Now, let us get back to the story; the four victims lay on the floor agonizing with pain and fear running through their heart the way sweat runs down your head. They were left alone for a while till the time the bully came back not empty handed but with two more kids dragging by their collars. He threw the new victims beside his previous victims and started to throw rocks at them as if hunting them down. The kids’ tears of pain and fear mixed with the sweat caused by the scorching sun burning above their head were rolling down their cheeks. The inhumanity continued till the time when the bully felt bored hitting them.

The victims laid alone in the same postures the bully had left them only till when a new kid named Jackson who recently joined the school came to help them, pick them up and asked what they had gone through. On hearing the brutal inhuman actions of the bully against the victims; Jackson promised to resolve the issue and derived of a plan only if he could get the victims’ assistance. Jackson was an ordinary boy whose parents had recently died thus came down here to live with his grandparents. He was a skinny young boy who looked quite younger than the boys of his age.

He derived of plan that his new friends stood in astonishment to his plan; his plan was to scare the jeepers out of the bully at his house making ghosts appear just to scare him to death. The night soon came, the whole setting worked well with the plan; the stars were not to be seen in the night and the moon tried to shine as much as it could looking as it was trying to replace the Sun. The city which was 10 km away from the town shown as it was the creator of the sun; lights shining brightly in all direction such that no space was left in absence of the light.

William lied alone peacefully in his bed staring at the fancy lights shining towards the cloud. Suddenly the door started to tremble and William stared at vain at the door waiting for someone to appear behind the door, but his first wish came true the door did open but not his second wish, there wasn’t anyone standing behind the door. With Jackson succeeding in his first plan; the second one begins: – the window started to receive some stones hard on its brittle glass then the massive shock came; the suddenly got shut and when William open the window and drove his head through the window, to his horror no one was to be seen.

Now, with all his might William tried to stay calm as he could but his heart gave away and he shot out of the room in fear. He tripped from the staircase due to his haste to get out of the house quickly as possible and rolled down the staircase. On reaching his destination that is the foot of the staircase, he grabbed the door’s handle as fast as he could and ran screaming outside. On his way to the main road he came across a ghost which was in reality Jackson under a bed sheet. This made him quite mad and he ran the whole 8km to the city.

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