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The Core Assignment

The Core is a film that is about the sudden stop of the Earth’s core that causes many sudden happenings like the birds suddenly start flying in all directions like they were blind and were going mad but because of that the geophysicists agree to drill down to the core and restart the rotation before all humans in the world would die.

The scenarios are likely the scenarios in end of the world movies but in this movie the thing that make it the end of the world is the cores rotating that is stopped due to the government. As the geophysicists go down the Earth’s core using a laser that causes the ground to have an opening which they went through using a vehicle that could withstand the heat in the core. The special effect were truly amazing and like it is truly happening and as they went down the core and since I don’t know the real picture of core in this movie it gave me an idea of what the core really is. The sounds are good and the actor’s performance was good also.

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The wild behavior of the birds in London is caused because birds rely on the Earth’s magnetic poles to guide them in migration and in flight. Because of the core, the magnetic poles of the Earth is distorted or has disappeared making thousands of birds flying all-around without following any directions. And so, suddenly each one of them starts crashing towards statues, buildings, vehicles and other else.

The ending wasn’t that exciting because it is like that they just bomb the core and things start to be back again there I experienced less excitement because what they did they sacrificed their lives so that the people will be alive. When I was watching the part where the people experienced sudden heat I began to ask myself why are the cars parked there not melting because of the heat? The roof of the car should’ve been melted easily. The idea of hacking all the computers in the world and then posting their the pictures of the heroes that saved the world is a great idea for me because it is easier than any other else after all it is a great movie and it also teaches us information on happenings and on any other things in this world.

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