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The Cask of Amontillado Essay

While reading “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe, the confession of Montresor creates two contradicting scenarios. Montresor’s words argue that Fortunato’s death was not a crime of passion. On the other hand his recollections that the murder was a premeditated murder. When it comes to the topic of deciding if Fortunato’s murder was a crime of passion or a premeditated, the choice is clear. My views are based upon how Montresor took advantage of Fortunato inside the catacombs.

In the very beginning of the story Montresor revealed to the reader his intention when he said, “The thousand injuries of Fortunato I borne as I best could; but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge. ” Throughout the story the reader must keep in mind that Montresor is mad at Fortunato and is in seek of revenge. It was around the time of Carnival and the murder scene was set up prior to bringing Fortunato for a taste of Amontillado. Montresor’s planning of the murder supports his intention of harming Fortunato. One detail that supports the murder being premeditated is the location of the niche; it was far off, dark, and out of place.

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The narrator says, “At the most remote end of the crypt there appeared there appeared another less spacious. “Its walls had been lined with human remains piled to the vault overhead, in the fashion of the great catacombs of Paris. ” Montresor explored the catacombs before choosing it as the setting of the murder scene. Another strange detail that supports Montresor’s premeditation prior to Fortunato’s arrival was the shackles. The niche was large enough to shackle Montresor inside but small enough to keep him trapped inside.

The narrator says, “In depth about four feet and in width three. This supports the niche being large enough to be able to shackle someone inside and keep them trapped. A final detail was the supplies Montresor used to build a wall that would keep Fortunato from sight. When Montresor set the bones aside he uncovered building stone, and mortar which he later used to create a wall. When Montresor uncovered the materials he said, “With these materials, I began vigorously to wall up the entrance to the niche. ” The purpose of the wall was to hide Fortunato and keep anyone from discovering where he was located at.

Trapping Fortunato in the niche without food or water was Montresor’s idea of revenge. Since the murder was premeditated it was planned before it was committed. Fortunato seeks revenge by not just punishing, but punishing Fortunato with impunity. Knowing and understanding Montresor’s intention is important when proving the murder being premeditated. During Carnival Montresor encountered Fortunato when he was drunk. He then promised Fortunato a taste of Amontillado. Then they both headed home to the catacombs for what was promised. When they got home the attendants were nowhere to be found.

This was because Montresor told the attendants he wasn’t going to be home, so because it was Carnival they left to party. Montresor knew as soon as he turned his back on them they would be gone. The gone attendants were the first part of Montresor’s plan. Montresor wanted them gone so there would be no witnesses when the murder was committed. While venturing through the catacombs Fortunato is helplessly intoxicated. This was the second part of Montresor’s plan. Suddenly the unexpected Fortunato is chained and then chained to the wall.

After he chained Fortunato he set aside some bones and uncovered building stone and mortar. With these materials he decided to create a wall that covered the entrance of the niche. When he was close to finish he said, “I hastened to make an end of my labor. ” Montresor considered his revenge as work and he wanted to complete it quickly. Although the murder was premeditated some consider the crime of passion based upon Montresor manipulating Fortunato’s emotions. Throughout the story Montresor told Fortunato some friendly things that made some readers believe the murder was a crime of passion.

The manipulation of emotions was a technique that Montresor used. This technique supports the murder being premeditated. An example of this technique is when he encountered Fortunato and said, “How remarkably you are looking today! ” Montresor makes it seen as if he is still great friends with Fortunato. From the beginning of the story Montresor claims to be mad at Fortunato. So why is Montresor complimenting Fortunato if he is mad at him? Montresor compliments him so he won’t expect what is coming to him. This answer supports the murder being premeditated.

Another similar occurrence was in the catacombs when Fortunato started coughing, Montresor says, “come,” we will go back; your health is precious. ” Montresor knows Fortunato wants a taste of Amontillado and he won’t want to go back. The last example of the technique was when Montresor acted hospitable and offered a drink he said, “Drink. ” He said that so he could get Fortunato drunk, making it easier for him to commit the murder. Montresor’s planning before the murder and the manipulation of Fortunato’s emotions, made it all easier for Montresor to execute his revenge.

In conclusion, the murder of Fortunato was premeditated not a crime of passion. It was obviously premeditated because throughout the story Montresor made it seem as if was great friends with Fortunato. Montresor did this so Fortunato won’t be suspicious o anything that was planned to happen to him. My views are based upon how he manipulated Fortunato’s emotions and how he got him to drink. He got him to drink so he would be unaware of things making it easier for him to execute his revenge. Although Montresor displayed contentment upon Fortunato, and concern upon his health this was all part of Montresor’s premeditated murder.

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