The aim of scientific research - Assignment Example

Scientific research may be described is the backbone of our development. The progress of mankind and the related improvements in the quality and comforts of life may be attributed to scientific research. Scientific research has not only enabled us to get a better life than our forefathers, but also promises us of a secure future. Broadly speaking, this scientific research occurs in all fields of life, including medicine, technology, education, sports, agriculture etc.. Scientific research and development are sequential and interrelated, which means that a change or advancement in one field causes a need for change in another.

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For instance, if a new treatment or surgery method is developed in the field of medicine, this may require the development of a new machine or tool to use it effectively. There is no doubt that all scientific research adds to our knowledge base. Unfortunately, in some occasions such researches are only directed at addressing human curiosity rather than any other definite purpose. Researchers involved in such needless research should realize the wastage of resources and the benefits realizable when such resources are put to better use.

Not all researches aimed at addressing human curiosity are undesired, as curiosity has relevance with the quality of human life. People may perceive such research results as only to be used in teaching and learning, and without any direct application. Take for instance the many theorems and formulae in math; people wouldn’t comprehend a direct use for them and would presume it fit only for teaching. However, as science is interrelated, all scientific fields are interrelated and any data would have its own use. It might be surprising to know that these many math conceptions are the basis for the development of science and technology.

Most often research may look like being directed to address human curiosity than serve any purpose, but as said earlier, curiosity when addressed helps in the understanding and development of many related fields. Human curiosity is more likely to have a direct or indirect relevance to development of mankind. When the research is directed to a direct goal like cure for disease (NRC, 2002) or development of a gadget etc. , we easily realize its uses and advantages. However when it is directed to determining of theoretical aspects, we may fail to understand its applicability.

Although most research may have a direct or indirect relevance for the development of mankind; the question now arising is; is it worth spending hundreds of millions of dollars on it now?. This is indeed a topic of debate. The costs associated with a particular research and its relevance today must be determined in the face of other pressing issues. For instance when there are innumerable diseases today, would it be wise to spend millions of dollars on beauty enhancement products. Scientific research involves a lot of ethics, which guide researchers on choosing their research topic and going about their research.