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The 1960’s Assignment

Both sources outline some aspects of the sixties that were seen as a bad influence on the British society these two sources really do outline the worst of the sixties and attacking the values of society and the family unit, however there are still positive points about the sixties and many people thought it did less harm and a lot more good! Creating more opportunities for everyone than there ever was before and we might have most probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the inspirational changes that happened in the sixties.

Mary Whitehouse she complained about the Christian values that were being ignored in the BBC shows and went public with her views on this. Mary Whitehouse was a 53 year old teacher in 1964 who was the founder of the ‘women of Britain clean up TV’ campaign. This campaign was formed as she believed there were no morals in these programs, she even says that ‘the BBC exerts against much which is good and clean in national culture’ this just shows and backs up that this woman was totally against what programs the BBC were screening and that they should have more morals to them. This could explain reasons why some people thought the sixties had a bad influence on British society.

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Also the BBC didn’t include any Christian values to there shows she thought all the BBC were doing was promoting sex, drugs plus rock and roll. She mentions in the source that ‘Authors who speak out strongly for the established Christian faith… find it extraordinarily difficult to get there work accepted’ so to conclude this statement alone it could be argued that the BBC were interested in Christian morals at all and they couldn’t be interested in the slightest all they wanted was something that didn’t promote Christian values and just screen something immoral witch some argued was a bad influence on the youths of British society.

The BBC created BBC 2 the same year this source was written, the BBC2 however was suppose to be very much intellectual a bit more mature than the original BBC. Mary White house also had something to say about this new BBC channel that had came out she had said that she felt the station was becoming more controversial.

Cathy comes home one of many programs on the BBC at the time. These programs showed the problems faced by everyday people in real life not make believe but these programs all seemed to have a couple things in common they all contained frequent scenes of sex to keep the program interesting this challenged peoples morality and although they were quite discreet about all of this provoked a reaction from the Daily Mail.

Although Mary Whitehouse makes some good judgements on this subject its only one opinion of two sides and is quite bias towards one side of the argument. Plus this is only the viewpoint of the older generation show one side of the arguments plus the source is a primary source from the daily mail a right wing conservative party that had very traditional views on society all these factors add up to a very one sided source against TV. However even though TV is criticised a lot in this source not all TV was bad and gave off bad influences some were very educational or contained good influences showing this article and Mary Whitehouse had a very one sided bias view against TV.

Next source G this is about the singer Janis Joplin and all about her over dose of drugs and a very saddening death due to drug abuse. This source is a biography of Janis Joplin and the unfortunate death of her drug abuse. Unfortunately Janis Joplin basically sums up all the negativity in the sixties and there are some very bad influences that make the sixties seem like a bad influence overall on British society. This source shows us that there was an increase in drugs and more and more were being used by famous major stars for example Jimmy Hendrix had also died of a drug over dose, this is rather quite sad for such talents go to waste and unfortunately reflects rather badly on the sixties. These stars were idolised by millions of kids as well showing a very shocking example to the kids making the sixties seem like it had some very bad influences of the younger generation.

Of course it was not just Janis Joplin who was on drugs the world famous Beatles were eligible on drugs you could pretty much tell as there whole appearance changed from very clean cut sensible young men to drug abusing junkies. You could see that they were taking drugs as there was many factors that changed with them like there song lyrics complete change of music style and the way they dressed.

It seems the life style Janis Joplin had it was really not that surprising when she died from a drug overdose. It seems some stars turned to drugs for comfort due to there very highly demanding job and the stress of it all. But this seems to be the case for many rock stars and this image look extremely negative and really did make the sixties seem to make quite a bad impression on some of the youths

However there is always light at the end of the tunnel and now some of the celebrities from the sixties have seen where they had gone wrong and are starting to try and undo all of the harm they did back in the sixties like Ringo Starr part of the Beatles, so even though they may have done some harm in the sixties there defiantly doing everything in there power to stop drug abuse now experiencing it first hand.

Janis Joplin described as a rebellious teenager, the word ‘teenager’ is relatively new a change in culture due to the sixties invented the teenager in a way duo to all the opportunities they were given. Seeing that Janis Joplin was a very rebellious character you could argue that she was a bad influence to the sixties as she went against all traditional values.

This source is a secondary source looking at the sixties in a different manor than you would of seeing as there were more drugs in the 1990s and more drug overdoses that its less controversial than it was then.

To conclude the two sources both show that they had a bad influence on the sixties on the society with Mary Whitehouse criticising the BBC but its quite one sided as its only one persons opinion seeing as the BBC had a number of quite acceptable programs. And the other source show the death of Janis Joplin due to a over dose in 1970 this source shows us that millions of young people were crazy for these stars and they were taking drugs giving a bad influence on young people in the sixties to do drugs. But it does not reflect the fact that it was only a minority within society that had invested into the new drug culture so failing to give us a completely balanced argument.

Now for some other information, Joanna Lumley being influenced by the Beatles who took drugs seems like a bad influence but she made a respectable career for herself and they weren’t a bad influence to her at all if anything they were a good influence to her. And even though Janis Joplin did die of a drug over dose and drank far to much that might not be because she’s a massive superstar it may have been to do with something unrelated like family issues.

The Beatles were most probably the biggest band out in the sixties but even they had problems they were a cool clean cut band who sang about love to get sucked into a psycadelic drug influenced band.

Also the contraceptive pill and abortion give woman more control but this was very much against a lot of morals. Woman now know they could control when they have a kid they could sleep around a lot, what quite a few woman did!, or go off completely the whole idea of having kids. These new developments could also stop marriages or the whole point of marriage seeing that they would no longer save sex for marriage witch was a very traditional thing before the sixties to sleeping around.

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