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Techniques of authority Essay

I have lived my life I full control and with absolute power. I now feel it’s my duty to reveal the secret of my achievement. I have six pieces of advice to give you to help you achieve the successful totalitarian achievement

Controlling the food supply

I was once one of your fellow comrades and, I know that the main important thing was to control the food supply, they would accomplish anything for just a small portion of food that will prevent them from starving, anything I want. So food mainly depended on their work, and of course, the harder they worked the “more” I gave them. Also, thanks to the food supply the defenseless comrades were made to work on Sundays as well. If they even dared to refuse this, they would have half the amount of food they would usually have, and of course, no one will dare to say no.

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Being Friendly/ sociable with your enemies

One of the main tactics of my plan was to have all the comrades by your side or at least not against me. To do this, I had to have another two faces, my usual evil one and my drama innocent kind little pig. This helped me by not letting any one suspect of me or expects any evil plot. This skill is probably the biggest and the best tactic that lead me to my success, which was when I used it against that dumb pig Snowball. The last thing he expected was that I would turn up into the one who would expel him from Animal Farm.

Indoctrinating the young and keeping the adults ignorant

Indoctrinating the young wasn’t a much of a problem, I took the puppies away from the outside world and absent of other influences and disturbance until I trained them to be harmful and obedient dogs that will only obey me and scare or kill anyone who dared to stand on my way and big issue was keeping the adults ignorant and not suspecting anything was wrong.

The bigger issue was keeping the adults ignorant, there were many things going wrong in the farm. The main reason was the food supply, nobody but me knew that we didn’t have enough food and that at that time we were starving. I even filled the bags that are meant to have food in them with sand and just put the food at the top so that when the bag is opened the comrades would see the food and think that the bag is full. Moreover, I’ve got a spokesperson with me now, anything I want to communicate to the comrades, I tell Squealer.

Using Propaganda effectively and changing history

This is a useful tactic to make your enemy look bad. For instance, the comrades had to choose between me and Snowball. After I kicked him out, I was their only choice, so I started making up stories about Snowball to make them feel more comfortable with him being outside and me taking the lead of the farm. I started declaring that he was friends with Jones and that he was on Jones’ side and other evil things that could make everyone hate Snowball and be happy that I’m the one in charge instead.

Creating a leader myth and personality cult.

Make sure you don’t talk to any other comrades or anything below your class. Have a spokesperson. for example, I had Squealer, anything I wanted to communicate to the brainless comrades. I started staying more inside and not going out as much as I used to, there was nothing to do, I had my dogs in charge of the outside world and I didn’t want to waste my valuable time looking at some disgusting animals working. Although in the meantime, I did check on them, but of course never went out without any protection.

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