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T-Mobile data analysis Essay

For this section of the coursework I will be analysing a questionnaire related to mobile phone services and functions.

The above graph shows which company provides customers mobile network, this is only relative to the customers asked in the questionnaire.

Question 6 shows that 84% mainly use their phones for texts and talk other than peripheral functions, we can further relate this too question 9 which shows that 48% of people would be tempted to change mobile network provider if offered a better text/talk package.

T-Mobile could use this data by offering cheaper/better text and talk packages.

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Gender analysis

We can divide the questionnaire results by gender, this will allow for more effective and useful data.

We can extract some key information from analysing the data by gender.

Question six shows that it is twice as likely for males to use Email & Internet as their main phone function (10% to 5%). Question 11 shows that 39% of males are completely unaware of T-mobiles current product and prices, this is down to bad advertising. By looking at question 8 we can see that the most effective form of advertising for males is TV.

T-Mobile could use these conclusions to create an effective male marketing strategy. To do this they would have to advertise their Email & internet capabilities on television. T-Mobile can further increase the effectiveness of this strategy by advertising on certain channels or between certain programs aimed at men, for example Sky Sports or on the break during a popular football match.

Age analysis

As done with gender we can also divide the questionnaire results by age.

Question 6 shows younger people consider texting the main function on their phone where as older people prefer calling. The difference between the two opinions is clear with a 100% difference for each opinion. The use of peripheral functions is incomparable to texts and talk therefore texts and talk should be the main two focuses of T-Mobile.

Question 12 shows that young people are more likely to change their mobile phone service provider after a short period of time, this means ‘loyalty bonuses’ should be offered to keep customers hooked.

The most efficient form of advertising for both young and old is once again by TV, 59% of people asked confirmed this.

These results show that T-Mobile should create a package aimed at younger people; the package should focus on cheap texting and ‘loyalty bonuses’. The package should be advertised on TV specifically during younger people’s programmes.

Advertising analysis

Question 8 shows where adverts for mobile phone services are most noticed, the results clearly indicating that TV advertising is very effective. This is more than likely due to the popularity of television and the content in which TV adverts can display.

The other forms of advertising are clearly ineffective in comparison to TV advertising therefore I would suggest T-Mobile focus on solely Television adverts.

Question 6 shows that the majority of customers are interested in text/talk functions therefore I would recommend T-Mobile create a TV advert displaying the text/talk packages and options they offer in order to optimise effectiveness.

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