Swot Analysis – BMW - Assignment Example


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* Equipped with four-wheel drive for all-weather for all-weather ability which provides the passengers with a safe and secure ride.

* Handles like a sports car and is of typical BMW quality.

* The acceleration is outstanding for a six cylinder vehicle and has far more superior performance compared to a four speed vehicle.

* The interior and exterior styling is excellent.

* Responsiveness offers the perfect counterpoint to “truck-like” handing.

* Price/value relationship.

* The vehicle’s responsiveness to traffic on dry and wet roads is great.

* The smoothness of the ride and the roomy interior makes local and long distance trips quite comfortable and provides driving enjoyment for all passengers.

* BMW manufactures the safest cars in production of any class anywhere in the world.

* Outstanding towing vehicle.

* Active and passive safety design; engineering and the vehicles leading-edge technology go well beyond standard SUV levels

* Great for outdoor activities.

* Provides the driver with improved road visibility.

* Elegance, sophistication, luxury, beauty, and robustness of the vehicle set it apart from any SUB in the industry.

* Equipped with ten airbags for extra driver and passenger safety.


* Very limited cargo space compared to other SUVs.

* Low gas mileage for a six-cylinder vehicle.

* Windshield wipers are a bit too close to the hood (when in off position) and can scratch the hood paint if you have ice build-up on them during the winter.

* The doors are a little too heavy.

* High entry height into the vehicle.

* The back seats are not adjustable.

* The navigation system is quite complex.


* Will apply innovation to a field where innovation is lacking.

* This X-5 model will provide strong demand for the second X-5 model.

* Could create and maintain an order bank of customers until well in the model cycle.

* With the introduction of the X-5 into the SUV market, it will establish a link between BMW and a vehicle segment where BMW has never been before.

* Will be able to reclaim lost customers with the addition of the X-5 into the SUV market.

* Will increase BMW profits by 13%.

* By introducing an X-5 with a V-6 engine instead of a V-8 engine, we are able to price it at ten thousand dollars less, which will increase customer flow.


* Dramatic changes in SUV designs, including car accessories and styles.

* Extreme competition from our competitors in our class of SUVs.

* The continued price pressures in the automobile industry.

* Keeping up with technological advances in the industry.