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Student guidance and student development Assignment

As the head of student guidance team, there are certain views of student guidance and development with reference to Hong Kong context ranging from grade seven to high school students that should be addressed. The life of students at school constitutes of many aspects such as academics, social life, guidance and development in extra curriculum activities (Chan David, 2000). The main focus for Students is to attain good grades while at school and this is achieved through proper guidance and participation in extra curriculum activities.

Guidance in this aspect entails provision of basic information about life experiences and matters relating to discipline. Guidance is provided to students from grade seven to high school level as this is the most delicate stage of development. Guidance of students at school is done by counselors in collaboration with parents and teachers. School counselors make learning a positive experience to students as they adequately know that classroom environment cannot be good for all students. School counselors help to facilitate communication among parents, teachers, administrators and students (Young Richard, 1999).

Communication is of essence in the life of students as it is the link between close partners in the entire life of students while at school. Parents, teachers and administrators play a very important role in the life of a student as he or she undergoes certain experiences at school. This means that parents, teachers and administrators should work as one thing to provide the necessary components needed by students (Roysircar Gargi, 2006). Students need to be guided in the aspect of adapting to school’s environment for purpose of creating interest in academics and social aspects of life.

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School life is a very important step for students as they are exposed to new environment, meet new friends, ventures in life experiences of which they were never exposed and strife towards academic excellence. In addition, students at school make choices that shape their future life in career development. Guidance provided by parents, counselors, teachers and administrators to students helps them to make decisions relating to above concepts. Individual students are also guided on how to make use of their school experiences and prepare them to be responsible people in future.

Students at high school level develop their career channels in different fields as they specialize in various areas of interest. At this age, students have the capacity to explore their talents and proper guidance is of essence during this period. Some students are best in class while others are best at social aspects such as games, drama and literature. All these aspects are important in the life of an individual and require proper guidelines. Every student has talent in certain field and proper exposure to an environment allows students to acknowledge their talents.

Guidance by school counselors is one of the best ways that has helped students at Hong Kong to participate fully in technological advancement. Recently, China is one of the best-developed countries in technology and industrialization (Mok Joshua, 2002). Proper mechanism of guidance at school level is attributed to massive expansion in the technology world. Parents, teachers and administrators coordinate well to ensure that the needs of students are addressed. Doing so creates an environment of self-reliance and desire to venture in fields related to academic, social and cultural development.

High school guidance and counseling in Hong Kong is of essence as it helps students to develop abilities of decision-making, self-understanding, action taking and life planning. The process of decision making to a life of a student is very critical because it allows him or her to be self-reliant. Life is an issue of making decisions from alternative choices. Students have one main goal of academic excellence but this cannot be achieved without incorporation of several alternatives in social and cultural aspects.

Play is a very important aspect in the life of students as it promotes physical health and develops an individual in social life. However, there should be time for every activity to avoid conflict in events. To achieve this, proper guidelines on time allocation should be tabulated. Students’ brain is not fully developed and if not guided they can spend more time in one activity hence failing in other areas. Decision-making comes from self-understanding and this is promoted through proper guidance.

The little things high school students engage in such as planning time well matter a lot in future life especially in career field. This is applicable in real life situations whereby a leader who had poor time management back at school makes poor decision when running affairs of an organization. Leadership is a concept of planning and self-understanding developed from high school level. Students need to be careful while managing their life issues at school as they determine decisions made in future. A major concept developed through school guidance and counseling is action taking relating to certain life issue.

Students are trained and guided on how to take responsibilities in life as they mature. Guidance critically looks into the life of students once they are out of high school because they are deemed to be independent (Fairbrother Gregory, 2003). While at school students are provided every thing by their parents or guardians but once they clear school it becomes their responsibility. Students who were properly guided have no problem in providing basic needs but those who never experienced proper counseling finds it tough.

In this aspect, some students fail to achieve life goals and engage in activities that measure to criminology. It is important for students to take serious guidelines provided by their teachers, parents, administrators and counselors as they have more experience in life. Guidance at school level by teachers, counselors and administrators is a trend that should be welcomed by parents and government at large since it is of help to the children. In the past guidance was only provided to students once they were involved in some crisis.

Recently, school counselors intercede prior to any kind of incidents and it is a measure developed to prevent students from engaging in violent acts (Fong Ki, 2000). Community and families are requesting assistance from schools to help bring up straightforward children as students spend much of their time with teachers than with parents. Parents appeal to school administrators to ensure that their children at school are safe. They also urge them to ensure that their children are protected from life-related difficulties during their schooling period.

A major concern is to prevent students from participating in violence, gangs, dropping out of school, using drugs and protect them from teenage pregnancies. The aim of taking a child to school is to develop skills of self-reliance, achieve goals in life, develop talents and advance in academics. Violation of such expectations due to poor guidance makes parents and the entire community to suffer. Guidance is of prime importance to a student because it is a tool that develops and teaches a student good morals in life.

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