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Student Diversity Assignment

Various university programs have been set to create and tackle the issue of diversity. Seeing diversity as a method to create better outcomes for learning has been the main aim of educational institutions. By actively fostering these programs, educators can better prepare students in the work environment that is characterized by continued diversification and expansion. Seeing what my University does, I believe that the Chicago Medical School seeks ways to improve diversity and create better avenues for learning.

However, their programs will only become effective if students participate in its programs and activities. That is why I believe that one contribution to the emancipation of student diversity is by actual participation to programs. It is in here that I will learn important skills and traits that both enhances the objectives of the programs and at the same time hone me for a better outlook in the future as a physician. Another contribution that I can enhance diversity is by engaging in volunteer work.

Since my profession is inclined towards the facilitation of medical aid towards patients, immersing myself to various cultures and races can help me better understand various practices, customs and traditions that may seem new on my part. Seeing this, it is important for me to be an active advocate towards equal facilitation of cure without biased or prejudice among other individuals. This can be an important stepping stone towards my career as I embrace the reality of diversity in school and in the workplace.

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Lastly, is by engaging myself in dialogue and being active with various cultures within the university campus. Keeping in mind the relative differences in values, principles and ideals, I can be efficiently and effectively work with other people despite these boundaries. Seeing this, I can extract better ideas and principles that I can use in my future endeavors. These experiences on one hand can help further my cause and better avenues as a future physician.

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