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Student Cheating Assignment

• Why do you think the university has identified integrity as an important value for the ABC campus community?

The ABC University, like most universities, value integrity and tries to instills it to their students because it believes that any form of academic cheating should not be tolerated. Universities try hard to enhance their students’ learning and researching skills to make them capable of doing things on their own. They also believe that it is better for students to fail and take up the course again rather than discovering that they are not being honest just to pass the course. ABC university does not want to let go of their students to the corporate and real world with cheating as their only way to be successful because this act and the consequences it will bring will represent both the school and the students’ reputation.

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• What was your reasoning to make the choice to violate the policy?

The greatest reason for violating the school’s policy would have to be desperation in wanting to pass the course. I might have been experiencing personal and academic problems that have led me to believe that I had no choice but to cheat. Another probable reason why I might have violated the policy is that I did not take the policy by heart and that for me, they were just words written in a handbook meant to be ignored.

• What effect has your behavior impacted the reputation of the institution and the value of your degree?

I now realize that every action I make, negative or positive, will always represent the school in one way or another. As long as I am associated with the school, what I do inside and outside of the campus will represent the school as a whole. To outsiders who hear about this violation of policy, it will seem that every, if not most, students will most likely violate the school’s policies or cheat. It will seem as if students from the ABC university are cheaters. It would not matter if this is true or not because the damage has been done and the school’s reputation has been tarnished.

• What do you believe would happen if you engaged in similar behavior in your place of employment after graduation?

Most schools tend to forgive their students and punish them accordingly. However, if this were to happen again in the future, particularly in my professional life, asking for forgiveness might be not as easy, especially if I already have a similar history. Companies would not think twice in firing me and finding a better replacement. The worst part of this is that this action would certainly be reflected in my employment records and I could have a hard time looking for companies who would trust me.

• What are your career goals and how will your ABC degree assist you in reaching those goals?

My career goals is simple; get a financially satisfying job where I can contribute my knowledge and skills. I believe that ABC university would greatly help me achieve this goal because they provide the right resources including professors, materials, environment, and experience.

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