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What is a personal narrative essay? Assignment

As an essay, personal narrative is a widely popular assignment in the school program. It is an essay about a personal experience that includes the real story from the writer’s life. Such essays are written as a part of school application or as a kind of class assignments. The main focus of the personal narrative is made on the pictured event from the writer’s life and shows how important this event is for him and what impact it did for his further life.

Personal narrative essay structure

It is important to understand a personal narrative essay structure before you put your pen on the paper. This will help you to create a narrative essay outline and have a plan for your paper that will guide you while writing. Like any other kind of papers, the personal narrative consists of the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. However, the specifics of this part in personal narrative make it special and different from the others.

The introduction should include the background of the story. This means that you are supposed to give the reader a picture of what to expect in the story. In order to catch the attention of the audience, you need to use a hook in your introduction. It could be of different kinds, but the main aim is to make the readers be interested in. For instance, you can ask a question or create an intriguing scene. After this, you are supposed to place several sentences that refer to the topic and then give the main idea of the essay.

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The main body of your essay will contain the plot of the story. Here you place all the information that you want to give on the depictured event. There are various ways of the organizing this information and one of them is to put it in the chronological order. Do not forget to link your paragraphs and to make your essay smooth and readable. The more attractive your essay is, the bigger audience it will have.

The concluding paragraph should contain the moral part, showing what the writer learned from this experience. It may also include the prediction of what will happen later. Do not forget that you have stated the main idea of your essay earlier and you should not lose this idea at the end of your paper. Let your readers understand what you wanted to say.

Tips to create the perfect narrative essay

Consider some tips that will help you to make the narrative more attractive and interesting.

  1. Find some good examples of a personal narrative essay. It would help you to understand the structure of a personal narrative essay better and clearly see the plan.
  2. Write chronologically. It is the best way to make the essay understandable and easy to read. Do not put different moments of the events in a mess or else; your readers will lose the point.
  3. Describe brightly and include details. Your aim is to make the reader be interested, so make the picture as vivid as possible. Use the sensors and describe how something smells, feels, tastes, looks, and sounds.
  4. Do not lose the main idea. Keep in mind that your essay is not just a story from your life. You are supposed to show the main idea of what you wanted to say and stick to it throughout the essay, ending with the moral conclusion.

So, now you know how to structure a personal narrative essay. Be brave and try your writing skills. Hope it was informative for you.

Structure of a Personal Narrative Essay

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