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What Forms a Strong Personality Narrative Essay Outline Assignment

People often think and talk about what personality is. This question is widely discussed by psychologists since we are all people and live among people.  All of us have different professions, occupations, and positions. We perform different tasks. But whichever one of us is, he, above all, is a person, and only then the bearer of some social function. What is personality? What are its qualities?

The thesis statement of this essay is the affirmation that to be an individual means to retain the ability to navigate in a variety of knowledge and situations and be responsible for your choice, to maintain your unique “I.” The richer the world is, the more complex the life situations are, the more urgent the problem of freedom of choice of one’s own life position. A person perceives his identity in any situation.

The only one who constantly learns to navigate in modern life, to choose for himself values that correspond to individual abilities and inclinations and do not contradict the rules of human communication, feels free and at ease. What should we do to develop our personality? An individual has tremendous opportunities to perceive cultural and spiritual values and for his own self-improvement. Each individual should constantly develop himself and be engaged in self-education in order to become a person. Everyone who realizes this tries to understand himself. We try to compare ourselves with others, to relate individual life to the public, our interest in the world with its interest to ourselves, to answer the main questions. Every person should educate and up bring himself. No one will come to abolish ill will, envy, hypocrisy, greed, fear of responsibility, dishonesty.

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The main thing in the spiritual culture of personality can be considered active, creative attitude to life. It includes attitude to nature, society, other people and oneself. Human culture should not be reduced only to erudition, even though it is very important. Human culture is not difficult to assess. Only an active person who has discovered all of its riches can master culture. Art and literature, traditions and customs are very instructive, and their knowledge makes life easier.

But there is another sign of a person’s spiritual culture. It is a readiness for self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice.
Caring for people and striving to help them should become not only kind words but also good deeds. Throughout life, it is necessary to form and develop in oneself the best qualities and overcome those that prevent the disclosure of the identity, its self-affirmation in the collective. Unfortunately, many believe that individual freedom is freedom not to adhere to the laws and order established in society. But such behavior instead of good only does harm, and not only the person himself, but also the people around him suffer from it.

Everything happens in life. We should not ignore its difficulties, trials, and hardships. Each of us has to be disappointed, suffer, lose faith in ourselves, suffer from remorse, be guilty and be offended without reason. It is needed to learn to overcome the pain of resentment and injustice. In overcoming difficulties, the character is tempered, life experience is acquired. If an individual takes possession of all this, he will be able to choose the right attitude, will distinguish the main from the secondary, will develop the will power.

One should never forget about enduring values. It is very important to learn to be exacting to yourself, to bring up a dedication to duty, adherence to laws, loyalty to friendship and opposition to evil, respect for elders and serving your country. Everyone needs to look closely at themselves and in life to become a person. It is very important to cultivate the unity of words and deeds within ourselves, not to forget that any situation is a peculiar school of behavior in life.

Unfortunately, even this first step is done by very few people. As a conscious, purposeful and independent work on oneself, self-education is very rare today. Self-education is not the most popular social value. It is carried out for a while or under the influence of someone’s inspiring example. Therefore, the requirement to educate oneself can only come from within of an individual.

To become a strong identity, an individual should develop self-awareness and self-control, and these things can be developed only from within, through individual efforts. As the brilliant psychiatrist Pierre Janet wrote: “If a person is cured by suggestion, he remains ill.” He keeps in mind our psychological health.  You cannot be psychologically healthy, and you can not develop a strong identity if all the changes happen to you are from the outside, and from the inside, you do not control them in any way.


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