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Stress solutions Assignment

People greatly affected by stress have been suffering low self confidence, experiencing frustrating events from the past and continuously at current, having headaches and feeling ill where the cause of the illness most often cannot be determined by medical practitioners (Lewis & Ramsay 1999). Stress influence a big part of every man’s decision to pursue goals, continue to achieve previous plans or decline motivation to become a drifter.

Stress may disable an individual temporarily but if lack of focus continues then it ceases to become a frustration and start to be a cause for mental illness (Barry 2002). Improving working lives mean finding solutions, maintaining focus and life balance but may not necessarily aim to enhance skills and enrich knowledge. Improving working lives is more on overcoming stress-related issues and interpersonal relationships within the work place. Work related stress, its effects on health and finding solutions

What is your definition of stress? How do you define stress based on your experience? Stress has very serious consequence that has every capacity to develop a person’s life into a living nightmare coping up with expectations while constantly being unappreciated and unrecognized by people you worked hard to gain acceptance and respect. Stress is bounded by feelings of deep anxiety characterized by restlessness, prolonged misery, occurrence of unexplainable illnesses and real difficulty sleeping.

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The effect may very well realign personal goals, reset level of self motivation, increase irritability and create low energy to lack of focus or concentration to the task on hand. Stress is a natural but unavoidable feature in life. People in one form or another at any time may experience stress which has more to do on social success and meeting the expectations of others and our very own selves. Stress is a part of living with life where a person’s survival to cope up stress depends on his adapted ways or solutions to combat stress which may not be scientific in nature.

What happens when demands at work outstrip individual capacity? Every one has its own limitations (Crum 2000) and when stress is already at its optimum level it may gear up a person with a fight or flight response to either continue life or beat life in their desperate times. It could be a hit back quick retort or slow strategic withdrawal. Problems come in different forms. Some of them have all likelihood to develop into very high level of stress. Briefly discuss your current level of stress? Indicate causes and origins. I can say I have a real number 9 headache.

That’s what I am feeling right now. The main cause is the impact of the change of ownership or control to workload. There has been a buy off and our company changed ownership, rules, methods and practices. There were a lot of changes made in the way the place is run making us feel uptight and tense at times. Sometimes I find myself unable to help because I get caught up between the new company policy and what my students want. I greatly sympathize with my coworkers who are calling in sick just to get a break. Provide an example of a stressful situation that you faced within the past three months.

There has been a complete review of human resources, reorganization and streamlining of workforce. One man was already doing the job of two men and is working in a 12 hour shift. The hard part is that they were expecting the same production or results based from previous company’s strength. It gives us the feeling that we are not safe with our job anymore. It feels like you stay as long as you perform. Everybody is busy figuring out better ways to get the job done. Some workers may see it as a challenge at first to find new strategies and utilized skills and resources to cope up with the heavy work load.

And then they come forward and say it was really difficult producing the same results in a lesser manpower and new guidelines. The new management is still pushing to get what was set as quota or standard operating procedure. The push was leading us to high level of stress which is making us drive ourselves to poor health. The challenge was just a good way to confuse self capacity to perform a good day’s work. The job demands cannot be met anymore and it has made people perform to unexplainable exhaustion. I was also driving myself to work hard to keep up with their expectations.

The excessive workload demands and conflicting expectations are the key sources of my stress at work. At night I find myself unable to sleep and am restless thinking of what management may say about my performance. I worry much and anticipate on feedbacks I may get from some of the at risk students I was handling. For the past weeks I get to sleep near midnight already and find myself sometimes near to tears or having difficulty breathing at about three in the morning. My stress is becoming my health problem now. Then as I was preparing to go to the office I suddenly felt dizzy, lazy and weary.

It feels like I was so tired and has no energy left for work and the day was just about to start. Walking my way to the office I sometimes feel like I will vomit with a very upset stomach. I was forcing myself everyday to wake up and go to work because I need to earn. I feel like I am a dead lady walking without much enthusiasm on the work and the day ahead of me. Headache does not feel normal anymore because it feels like hammering with some of my nerves in my forehead pounding. Sometimes I feel like something was slicing my head from the top down to my neck.

And I have to press my head hard to make it stop. Sometimes it just won’t stop so I have to go to the rest room and keep it press. The change of ownership has affected me so much that I became irritable although I had been successfully keeping it in control. I feel like I have to tell my feelings to my coworkers and sometimes they feel like it too. There is no stopping to the complaints and the headaches. Still management has offered us no other alternative but to comply with the ones they had set upon acquisition of the company.

Identify a stress relaxation activity that you have effectively used within the past three months. Stress management is something that I don’t specialize. Facing it comes from the need to retain my employment and bring money to my table to pay the bills. What I did is pray, pray deeply! I made a lot of prayer request to heaven and hope they will hear and grant everything. Work is not that fun anymore. Sometimes when I reach home I go straight to the bathroom and pour myself with water just to relieve my body with stress. Water soothes me even if it comes from the faucet.

The sound and its feel were soothing enough for me. When I feel a little bit comforted I rest in bed for awhile and just close my eyes. Water has done its role. My body was refreshed and I felt refreshed. In weekends it helps much to do an early morning walk then swim at the nearby pool. Water, swimming, early morning walk and prayers are real good combatants. At night I pray and it helps me maintain humility and patience. We all make sacrifices but we do have our own limitations also. Prayers will keep you in control of your attitude and of your self.

I sure know my whole self and my entire system were being affected. I firmly believe prayer reaches God and that praising him makes the delivery faster. I sit in my room alone, light a candle in the middle of it, squat and close my eyes. I reflect on the days activities and often times take a deep breathe while meditating. I then listen to praise and worship songs to reflect on the words. Meditation and listening to praise and worship songs lightens my heart at the same time gives me the strength to carry on with my responsibilities in life.

The links to heaven are prayer and singing praise and worship songs which came from the verses in the bible or the Word. I can see that people who don’t pray much in their desperate times always drink medicines to calm down their nerves without feeling any relief and becoming worse instead. For me the best cure to stress is meditation, prayer and exercise because it gave me more than I need. It had straightened some aspects in my life that is not work related. I am a firm believer and I believe constant fellowship with God is a good way to live a good life.

Tears are part of it for we learn much from our sacrifices and pains. Conclusion Work related stress is a threat to any individual’s health and considered as great risk to the organization (Russell 2005). They are closely related with health complaints compared with other life stressors. It fundamentally affects the employee’s productivity and the work environment of any organization. Taking medicines to calm the nerves to give relief does not necessarily take the stressors away. Prayers, meditation and singing praise and worship songs more on help the soul and the body as one does it in the eyes of faith.

Belief is very powerful in changing lives. Faith just makes it happen. Prayers are the calls to heaven that set things to happen. Meditation with music makes the body and the mind relax by simply letting the music soothe one’s feelings and feeling God in the midst of it. Know that God is just a tear away calling him through prayers at a distance creates the change in one’s life and all because of faith. Surrendering your stressors to the most powerful God and letting him do the works is something sometimes people just need to do. Let go and let God!

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