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Strategic Analysis and Selection of Information Systems Assignment

Information technology is a broad service system that requires elaborate planning in order to be incorporated in a company. It is usually the backbone of most companies of this century. Therefore consulting firms that help select and procure an IT team are of great importance to any company. There are many consulting firms that provide strategic solutions to choose an appropriate information system.

Some of the key points considered by these firms are: • Business requirements of the client company • Analysis of the current IT systems • Specification of the IT requirements for the new or modified system Evaluation and selection of vendors and products that match the client requirements • Implementation and feedback

Under the organizational context, the external environment of the company, its central strategy, structure and culture of the organization, and business processes are studied before suggesting any information system. Many companies have evaluation models designed by them, such as EduServe Administrative System Evaluation. Most companies look for the best commercial software systems that match the requirements of the client.

Many of them use the principles of Total Quality Management. These management information systems encompass many other systems such as decision support systems, executive information systems, and expert systems. Some of the benefits offered by these firms in order to provide value to their clients through the implementation of an information system are: • Greater and more effective communication within the company • Presence of an objective system that records and aggregates information • Cost saving by minimizing otherwise labor-intensive work Supports the company’s goals and visions

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All the consulting firms provide a strategy whereby the IT requirements of a company can be studied based on its size and purpose. The best software that meets these requirements is located and implemented in the client company. The staffs of the company are either trained in this software or new staffs competent in the software are recruited. If such software is not commercially available, then a engineer who can build the required software is hired and then the necessary training is provided.

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