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Strange Behavior Essay

Every one of us has the tendency to act differently from what is normal. To act beyond the norms of the society, to be considered strange is always possible in the human mind set. I have one strange behavior that seems to be different from the way other people do it. I have a very big appetite for imagination. I have these tendencies to imagine everything, from the past, to the future, and even the minute aspects of everything that I see. I even imagine all the possible outcomes of my dealings toward interaction with other people.

My big appetite to engage in the realm of metaphysical seems to be more and more overwhelming as periods of solitary moments occupy the living space of my reality. It all started on s one cold night when I was still a child. I can’t sleep that night so I don’t have anything to do but to think. As I think of comic characters, my imagination was able to make a story out of the pieces of pictures that proceeded into moving objects, all in my mind. Since then I started to imagine all the possible things that I could ever imagine.

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Imaginations start to poof in my mind whenever I’m alone, no one to talk to and no one to interact with then suddenly I will find myself contemplating on the metaphysical world. I find myself heavily thinking on anything that my mind wishes to imagine. It is like an addiction that once you started, you will never ever get over it. In is quit the coping mechanism for some very lonely moments. I think that this strange behavior is caused by loneliness and being unoccupied. Being lax and having nothing to do, start the hunger of my mind to think of anything.

My imagination ranges from past experiences and predictions of anything that could happen to me. I also have the tendency to think the lines that people might say upon responding to what will I say. Exchanges of lines from real person sometimes occur in my mind. My hunger for imagination sometimes builds up while doing other things like washing clothes or doing some chores. In some instances, imaginary conversations sprout in my mind. In worst cases I find myself physically speaking in response to my imaginary conversations. Those instances made me realize that I have a very big appetite for imagination.

This strange behavior gave me beneficial consequences, like sometimes with that kind of imagination, I was able to build creative concepts needed in some projects and very unique ideas sprout from those moments of imagination. With regards to the beneficial side, the imagination process keeps makes me more of a thinker. I kept of imagining things that were far unique from the normal which usually ends to something good. I still remember a time that we need a unique but extraordinary concept at school. Everyone’s idea was considered stereotypic and was like the same from the previous ideas that were used years before us.

After quite some time the group decided to continue the brainstorming for the next day. As I go home, I did what I was always doing. I was again bit felt alone that moment. I started to lye down on the bed and the mind started to work. The whole thing was like a automatic machine that once, triggered it goes by itself. In that moment I was able to imagine the most details of the concept and I was able to see in my mind all the modifications on that new concept that I was thinking. Every detail was organized only on my mind and I was laughing a little as I find out that I was actually making the most unique concept in my mind.

The next day, the group was amazed as I discuss the concept that I was talking about and agreed that we will use the product of my imagination. My strange behavior of thinking a lot of things makes the biggest difference. I think I am not one of the ordinary people walking around. This behavior makes me wonder, how long this will stay, I don’t know until when it will be beneficial or detrimental. I am bit afraid that some point in time, my physical world might intertwine with my metaphysical world.

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