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Storage Area Network Essay

Every network administrator is faced with security issues on a daily basis, and those sysadmins who manage a Storage Area Network (SAN) are no different. SAN security issues are as serious as other network security issues, and due to the nature of the SAN architecture will present a problem for network administrators. SAN’s can be connected to the network by a number of different protocols. There are a number of protocols in operation on every network, and the need for a secure and efficient protocol for SAN use is paramount.

The current options for running a SAN are to use standard TCP/IP protocols namely the Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) protocol, or to use a specific protocol called FCP which usually operates over bespoke fiber infrastructure. In the case of FCP security is not as important as on a TCP/IP based SAN network, because data is sent across a secure fiber link. However when dealing with TCP/IP based SAN network traffic, encryption needs to be used as these packets can be visible along with all the other network traffic.

This means in the case of a security breach, and some particular software being used to sniff and read packet data, the security of the actual data is paramount (Cook, 2003). The kind of information stored in a business database is either confidential or personal, which makes securing this information critical when operating a secure network. This will be the greater problem in the future, when all network protocols are able to communicate on different architecture.

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This problem needs to be addressed by examining the entire network architecture for the weakest link in the chain, and devising a solution to making it secure (Vacca, 2002). How these holes can be identified is the first major task when performing SAN security tasks, followed by implementing a robust solution which does not impinge on performance or uptime of the SAN. These issues are the most critical to consider when implementing a procedure for a secure storage area network and should be implemented with failover mechanisms in mind in case of any problems.

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