Statistics - Assignment Example

The statement that has been defined for the paper is whether the following is an overgeneralization of the scenario or is accurate. The statement is: “Without good measurement, statistical analysis is worthless”. This statement will be argued upon by me as an accurate one with the help of statistical examples. Argument The basic idea for carrying out statistical analysis is to make inferences from a data set which would allow the statistician to provide conclusions to a certain decision to be made or a certain circumstance that must be made aware of such as a reduction in sales of a product due to a specific factor.

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However, when considering the statistical analysis, it should be considered how the data has been collected and the measurements that have been used. For example, when asking a customer about a certain product, an inappropriate question would be to measure the happiness of the customer with the product. Emotions are a subjective matter to every individual and there is no standard or defined measurement of happiness. The customer could in turn be asked to rate the product against certain other substitutes available in the market.

Such a rating against the substitutes would allow the statistician to understand the acceptance of the product in the customer’s life. Conclusion There are certain subjective matters such as emotions towards a certain statement or product can not be measured and if attempted to measure would provide misleading results. Hence, in conclusion it can be said that the statement “Without good measurement, statistical analysis is worthless” holds true.