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Statistics And Venezuela Essay

Statistics is such an important tool that is used in everyday activities. Hardly can there be any market transaction that can be conducted without the use of statistics. Also no business man would like to invest in a business if he does not know how much he would be making at the end of the day. Statistics is basic and it has a wide range of uses. In my native country which is Venezuela, census is one of the activities embarked upon by the government to know certain things about the people. Statistics has found its way in interpreting these census figures as without statistics, these figures would remain mere numbers.

By applying statistical techniques, the census figures are distilled and meaningful deductions are made from such analyzed data. The government determines the amount of tax that each taxpayer pays. Also through the answers given by people, the government determines what programme to plan for each segment of people. The government also determines the amount of money that is earmarked for each sector of the economy. The government is not the only one that has use for census figures. Businessmen are also eager to know what the census statistics are reading.

This would enable them channel their investment properly so as to get the highest returns. My country has been classified as one of the third world countries. Through proper monitoring and interpretation of statistical figures as regards the performance of the country, everyone can easily monitor the progress of the country towards achieving the millennium development goals. Donor countries would be able to recognize which areas of the economy to help out with; the government of Venezuela itself would be able to monitor the progress of the country.

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