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Statistical reasoning Essay

Visual graphs and charts provide the easiest ways to develop an inferential analysis towards data. In many aspects, it would be much easier for the researchers to see the general outlook of the behavior of information figures by simply looking at graphs as these present facts in visual form (Johnson et al, 2000). The graph in reference is the pie graph distribution of the world’s figure of internet users. The illustration provides particular parts of the world continents which are depicted in colored classification.

Each of the pie is representing a particular international region with numerical figures representing the number of internet users against the total world population. Usually, the pie chart is used to depict the proportion value of a particular group or cluster of data in comparison with the total number of intended figures. This can be used to depict proportional relationships over a particular segment of time (SAP Design Guild). Basing on the graph, the pie chart was the appropriate illustrative figure for the data.

This allowed a certain degree of comparison between the regions of the world which are using the internet in a particular year 2007. Because the main objective of the presentation is to see the distribution of the internet users in a global scale, a pie graph was the proper choice to see such proportionality. The percentage of users for each political region is suited to be divided among segmented pie parts of the whole. Technically speaking, the pie graph is simply the best way to represent the data values of world internet users.

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Since the continental regions were clustered according to its geo-political representation, the pie graph can simply allocate distributed parts over the whole of the dataset. Moreover, the pie graph supports the values provided by the table in the text for the exact percentage of users in the table is actually represented by each part of the pie. Apart from a pie graph, the next appropriate graph for the data values would be a bar graph which can also be utilized to get an analysis of observations over time.




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