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Static vs Dynamic Routing Essay

Static routing can be described as a manual process of establishing networking lines to the rooting table through a file form which is loaded when the routing device is activated while dynamic routing is defined as a protocol which makes use of software applications to recognize and access networked computers (Comer, 2009). From the definition given above, it can be asserted that static routing is not a real protocol but is a simple form of manual routing.

Being static, it means that once the routs have been established by the network administrator, they cannot be changed (Comer, 2009). This aspect of static routing imposes a lot of challenges in cases where the information routs needs to be changed frequently or needs to be configured to accommodate more devices. Further to this, static routing does not do well with down connections because the manual connection process calls for manual disconnection process.

On the other hand, dynamic routing is a protocol hence it can be configured quit easily to accommodate more devices and can withstand frequent changes of information transportation routes (Comer, 2009). This is because the router will detect all devices which are directly networked to it as well as recognizing other routs from other devices which are routed under the same protocol. The router will therefore search for the best routing to connect with the other devices it has detected and recognized.

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In addition to this, the router distributes the available network routing to all other devices which run the same routing protocol and could be reached hence it is very effective in adapting to network changes and device failures. For instance, if one of the equipments fails, the router detects the change through the disappearance of the recognized rout in the routing table and propagates the changes to other routers which use the same routing protocol. Static routers on the contrary do not sense or adapt to equipment failures and are therefore suitable for small internetworks.

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