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Statement of Purpose Essay

I had tremendous intellectual and personal growth from my professional and academic career. In this process of metamorphosis, I had a deeper self-realization which bared my true capabilities and passions and led me into a doubt-free conclusion that my niche is in the dynamic and challenging field of Marketing. An original dream of diplomatic work is the reason for my pursuit of Political Science and International Relations for college.

However, an internship as a Guest Relations Officer Trainee wherein I did services management of VIP clientele at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Seoul, South Korea in 2005 changed the original goal dramatically. Viewing that as an exciting experience, I came to a realization that Business Management and Marketing were the ideal fields for me. Intensive courses and excellent performance in these fields made me realize the intuitive understanding I have of Management and Marketing concepts, which, when further nurtured, will bring about exponential returns.

The pursuit of these disciplines also offered me insight on how I can be an effective agent of community change with the application of gained knowledge and realized abilities. Courses in Business Marketing exposed me to the inherent significance of a statistical foundation in developing expertise in the field. The application of Statistics is of an inherent importance to all areas of business management wherein decisions affecting profitability and continuity have to be done on a diurnal basis.

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Statistics has had a profound impact in business management, effecting necessary changes in such domains as general management, production, sales and marketing, finance, and research and development. In the sales and marketing domain, statistical applications are a requirement for sales projection for both current and future products, forecasts for existing and target markets, estimation of sales forces requirement, and determination of channels of distribution.

As for my own experience, a Case Study I did for a Marketing course necessitated the mentorship of a statistician friend in the utilization of survey results for proving my own theory. The usefulness of statistical applications to the case study led me to a realization of the indispensability of Statistics for the achievement of my ‘marketing expertise’ dream. Non-academic factors, including various extra-curricular and volunteer activities, were also an influence in my decision to pursue a Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics.

As a member of the Sookmyung Communicator: Blue Letter, an organization which provides the official student newsletter, I wrote and edited articles for faculty and students in college. The use of statistical data in my articles counted as an effective reader persuasion technique. Moreover, my experiences as Chairperson of the Korean Language Club at Miyazaki International College accorded me mentorship on effective communication and developed my problem-solving skills, an added vantage in pursuing graduate studies and dealing with co-students and the faculty.

These academic and personal experiences strengthened my desire to study Applied Statistics for graduate school. My decision to apply to the Pennsylvania State University is grounded on my view that its Statistics program is an excellent match for my academic and personal needs and my appreciation of its tremendous impact on the community, the nation, and the world. The university’s world-class faculty takes pride in their contributions to their respective fields and to the lives of their students.

The university’s faculty quality, its modern curriculum, and its constant growth will offer me countless opportunities to satisfy my academic curiosity and prepare me for a future in the chosen field. This program is distinguished by its exceptional facilities such as the Statistical Consulting Center and other centers and its well-organized programs. With these resources, the Pennsylvania State University prepares its Statistics students for their desired future occupations and for making valuable contributions to society.

I am confident that pursuing graduate studies at the Pennsylvania State University will equip me with the knowledge and skills requisite for developing an expertise in Business Marketing. A Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics, I deem, will allow me to work for an organization which gives due importance to the use of analytical skills for success and at giving substantial returns to society. I also plan on continuing my studies and pursuing a doctorate degree in Marketing. Finally, I plan on spending the later course of my career doing college instruction or professional research.

My academic and personal experiences have accorded me maturity, strengthened my character and values, and made me the person I am today. I am intellectually curious, ambitious, and committed to a life of continuous learning and community service- a combination of qualities that reveal character and assure of a future success. Beyond being a logical step for my career development, pursuing graduate studies in Applied Statistics at the Pennsylvania State University will allow for an exploration of my passions and utilization of my capabilities and prepare me for dream realization.

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