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Statement of Purpose for Purdue University Assignment

I would like to pursue a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in Purdue University because I believe seeking higher studies would further enhance my knowledge and skills and would allow me to make an impact in the field of engineering in general. It is my ultimate goal to become a highly successful Mechanical Engineer in the future and I believe that studying in Purdue University is the best way for me to attain that goal.

Basically, my interest in Mechanical Engineering began when I saw the work of my father, who is a general engineer. However, unlike my father, I was more inclined to pursue an engineering field that involves design and analysis of machines and mechanical systems. This field is Mechanical Engineering as it deals with the in-depth study and understanding of principles in physics, energy, and thermodynamics, and the application of these concepts in the analysis and designs of machines such as aircraft and motor vehicles, among others.

From then on, I dedicated myself to know more about my field of interest. Moreover, for me, the Masters in Mechanical Engineering program of Purdue University would serve as an excellent stepping stone for me to achieve my dream of becoming a successful mechanical engineer someday as it is one of the country’s top schools and is well-known for producing high-caliber graduates.

I also believe that the school would give me a competitive edge over others as it has a highly extensive curriculum that would not only allow me to understand the various mechanical engineering principles but also enable me to pursue other disciplines such as nanotechnology. In other words, once I have graduated from the program, I believe I would be well-equipped with the substantial knowledge and the essential skills that would allow me to become a highly competent and well rounded mechanical engineer.

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Furthermore, I also believe I am an ideal candidate to be considered for admission to the program because I possess the necessary skills, the needed knowledge, an extensive background and the right attitude that would enable me to become successful in my chosen field. Basically, I believe that what sets me apart from the other applicants is my unwavering desire to become better everyday. I view problems not as hindrances but as opportunities for me to show what I can do and I believe that I would carry this attitude with me as I seek higher studies in Purdue University.

In short, the purpose of my application is for me to showcase my talents and enhance my knowledge in a university that would no doubt provide me with education I need to become successful. If I am blessed enough to be admitted, I would work hard to become an asset to the school. After I receive my master’s degree, I would then strive become a highly successful and highly adept mechanical engineer and make and do my best to make impact not only on the field of engineering, but also on the rest of society.

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