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Statement of Purpose Essay

I believe I am highly qualified to be considered for admission to Medaille college as I have the knowledge, necessary skills, and most of all the right attitude and life-changing experiences that would enable me to make an impact on the school and be successful in my chosen field. I am not ashamed to admit that my academic performance during my undergrad years was not satisfactory due to the various personal reasons and family problems that resulted in a low grade point average.

However I overcame all those challenges and I am proud to say that my experiences whether at school, at home, or outside, have not only made me a better but also a highly-competent individual. Following graduation, I decided to pursue a field of social work and enrolled on a part-time basis at Seneca college in its Social Service Worker program, which I expect to finish in December this year.

In addition, I have also placed higher education in a very high regard and have always possessed the passion for teaching. But my desire to become a teacher grew stronger during my years as social service worker because I was able to interact and get involved with the youth in community development assistance and counseling. During those times, I realized that those places need good teachers who draw from their professional and personal experiences and somehow make an impact on the students’ lives.

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Having lived in different places such as Kabul in Afghanistan, Delhi and Kashmir in India, Manitoba in Canada, and at present in Toronto, I have been given the opportunity to experience and learn about different languages, cultures, traditions, customs, and religions, which I believe I would be able to impart to my students should become a teacher in the future.

My academic and practical experiences in the Social Service program has made me realize the need for educators with a variety of skills which include interpersonal and communication skills, linguistic skills, sensitivity, and cultural awareness, among many others. I believe that my experiences have enabled me to hone these said skills and I am able to work and relate with a highly diverse population using those skills. The social work program has also made me realize that all problems in society always need to be tackled at its grass roots.

Meaning to say, schools, aside from the students’ homes, are one of the main institutions that can mold and equip children with positive values, morals, and the necessary skills to face the various challenges in life. Over-all, my work satisfaction and the positive response I received from my peers and the youth I have interacted with have made me realize that teaching is my true calling and the path I want to take in life.

Moreover, my philosophy of education is similar to an endless stream—every step of success and every opportunity will always have challenges and failures, which a student has to overcome, learn from, and emerge a better and stronger person. I believe that education in school plays a vital role transforming students into well-rounded individuals who possess the attitude, skills, and knowledge needed to combat the challenges of life so that in every obstacle or failure, they will not go astray but instead become more capable of dealing with every problem, be it at school, home, or work.

It goes without saying that the children are our future and we need to heavily invest in them to best of our abilities so that our future would be prosperous and full of hope. In this regard, I believe that the Medaille college is in line with my philosophy of education as it is well-known for producing top-caliber graduates, particularly in the teaching field. I think the school is a community that thrives in academic excellence, compassion, and values and I want to part of it.

In short, although my GPA may not show it, I am highly confident that my attitude, personal attributes, and professional and personal life experiences have all equipped me with the right skills and values which I may be able to apply if am blessed and fortunate enough to be admitted to the school. If I am admitted, I will work even harder to become a highly-competent, versatile, and well-rounded teacher who would strive to make a difference in molding today’s youth into ideal citizens of society.

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