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Statement of Purpose Essay

I believe I am more than qualified to be considered for admission to the school as I possess the needed knowledge, necessary skills, and most of all appropriate attitude and experiences that would enable me to make an impact on the school and be successful in my chosen field. In general, my experiences whether at school, at home, or outside, have not only made me a stronger person but also a well-rounded individual. Basically, I grew with a dream of becoming a teacher. I initially thought I would be capable enough to educate young minds and plant the seeds of tomorrow’s future through teaching.

However, after graduating from school in Korea I realized I simply had no drive for teaching. I learned that teaching requires a certain passion or calling in order for one to be successful in it. Most of all, I realized that On the other hand, I also intended to major in Natural Science, such as Pharmacy or Biological science. Although these fields were not my dream professions, I found myself intrigued by these subjects under these majors and have somehow developed a liking for this area.

But among all my experiences, possibly the one that stood out the most and the one that shaped my character the most was my time as a volunteer back in my homeland, Korea. Every summer vacation, I volunteered to help rural farmers in the fields. I realized that their jobs were vital to the economy of my country because they help produce food that are common to any Korean household- rice, corn, and other crops that would eventually find its way to the table.

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However, I also realized that despite their hard work and enormous contribution to the economy of my country, these farmers were usually overworked and underpaid. They live under poor conditions and had very modest homes. It was then that I realized that my ultimate goal would be to help improve the lives of people, especially those who are in need. I believe that it would be both an honor and a privilege to me to be able to aid the poor and contribute to the betterment of human life.

I will always be proud of my experience of working with the rural farmers back in Korea because I know I contributed to the improving their lives in my own little way. Moreover, from my experiences as a volunteer, I learned that one does not need riches or power to be happy and content in life. Although the farmers back in my homeland were living very simple lives and under impoverished social and economic conditions, I saw that they were still happy with what they’re doing. They have fully embraced their present status in life and were fully satisfied with their jobs.

This is something that I would like to develop in my character because I know this would help me to become thankful and content with anything that have, no matter how big or small they may be. In this regard, I would also like to bring my passion for helping and bettering the lives of people in America. I believe that it would be a greater cause to help people not only in a certain area but in other parts of the world as well. I would volunteer in any endeavor which I am capable of because I know that it is a noble and productive way of spending my time.

At the same time, I would also be focusing on my main objective which is to have a professional career in the U. S. A. I am well aware that being an international student, I have to work harder and exert extra effort in studying because English is not my native language. I know that my apparent lack of skills in the English language can be an obstacle to my goals, but I am determined enough to overcome any challenge and hurdle any difficulty that will come my way.

Over-all, I believe that my experiences back in my homeland, my passion to help people and improve human lives, my enthusiasm to learn new things, and my determination to succeed have developed important values in me which would help excel both in school and in the real world. If I am blessed and fortunate enough to be admitted to the school, I would do my best and work extremely hard to become a highly-versatile and highly competent professional in my chosen career.

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