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To start the school day with an act of collective worship is a good idea Assignment

Collective worship to me is the coming together of everyone to pray to God. To show that we each have the same thing in common. Upon being approached with this question my immediate reaction was no, its not a good idea. However, after reading it for some time and thinking about the question in hand, I realised that there are advantages to collective worship in a school environment.

Firstly collective worship is a good way to start a school day because it brings the pupils and the teachers of the school closer together. It is a way to communicate to others by means of prayer. Besides that some people may believe that a group of people praying will make their voices stronger and louder. They believe God will hear them better if it is said as a group rather than a single person who may not be heard just as well.

This form of worship also gives people motivation in which they can go through and ‘ survive ‘ a long, enduring school day. People may also feel spiritually awakened by speaking to God through prayers. They may find that because they have been spiritually awakened that they have the willpower to go on with the rest of the day. Some people may even feel that because they pray, their prayers will answered and they will feel stronger as they know God is in their presence. Some may even feel protected because they acknowledge God is with them forever.

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However this may cause problems. People have very short attention spans and they find it difficult to be still or to be silent for one minute. Many people at my age find that they do not have time for God and prayers but would rather talk and listen to each other rather than to God. At this age many teenagers are care – free and believe it may be ‘un-cool’ to talk to God and ask for help. Instead they ask their friends for help. People may also feel very tired in the morning because they had to get up early and so find it hard to concentrate, and therefore falling asleep. While most just could not be bothered.

I know that in my school we are all Catholics and so prayer is a big part of our religion and a big part of our school becoming a community where we are all equal. However some schools are not the same. Some schools may have mixed religions meaning that other people do not participate in the collective worship of the school and so it is not really a school coming together as one.

Not only that but some people may find that collective worship is imposing and would prefer to have their own private prayer dedicated to God or to a saint.

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