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Staffing and Recruitment Essay

The realization of organizational goals and objects relies on the structure of an organization. In turn, the structure of an organization depends on management skills and abilities, more specifically the managerial skills and abilities of the organization’s human resources department. Individuals who make up the staff of the organization make up the integral part of its success because staff members keep it up and running.

To address this need, the human resources department must be able to implement skillful and methodical techniques through careful planning and evaluation in order to select the best and the fitting candidate for a particular job description. In order to accomplish this goal, it is important for organizations to employ strategic techniques in recruiting only the best of the best individuals, that is the most highly-qualified applicants, to undergo further evaluation and assessment, through job interviews, psychological tests, mental aptitude tests, etc. to yield the best individual for a particular job.

Therefore, the interrelationship of staffing and recruitment plays a significant role in the success of an organization. Recruiting is the process of drawing or inviting only the most highly qualified individuals for a particular job vacancy within the organization. Recruitment entails several strategies and techniques that would obtain job applicants who are most likely to be hired for the particular needs and demands of the job. Primarily, the human resources department must be able to identify what the organization needs in order to determine which job is available for potential applicants.

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Once this is established, the department continues to narrow down the qualities and characteristics that an applicant must possess in order to become a candidate for hiring. These qualities and characteristics are now patterned on how the organization would choose which groups of individuals to recruit for the said objective. (Scout Base, 2005) In order to implement an efficient recruitment process, the human resources department must be able to consider other aspects of the recruitment phase.

These considerations include the needs and demands of the particular job description for information dissemination purposes, and what the organization is able to provide such as the benefits and advantages in offering to volunteer to fill in the needs of the organization. Once these considerations are established, the human resources department is ready to carry out the recruitment plan. (LB Vision) In addition, there are other strategies that organizations might employ in order to recruit individuals with the most potential of getting hired and producing quality work outputs to assist in the success of the organization.

Marketing and advertising is one way of motivating individuals to volunteer for a particular job description. Through marketing and advertising, organizations are able to spread out valuable information about them, which are carefully chosen and structured to attract potential staff members. (Tempstar) Marketing and advertising strategies might include revealing the benefits that the organization offers, etc. Moreover, the World Wide Web is always accessible for organizations to conduct marketing and advertising.

Staff members who currently work for the organization also plays a role in recruitment, such that being an insider within the organization, they are able to reveal what potential staff members need to know in order to be convinced in getting to volunteer as an applicant. (Tempstar) Staffing, on the other hand, includes the process of needs assessment, wherein the pressing needs of an organization is determined. Through staffing, the human resources department is able to thoroughly assess each job applicant in order to identify who would best fit the needs and demands of the vacant job.

Once and individual is carefully evaluated and hired for the particular job, human resources managers orient them about the rules and regulations of the organization, the benefits and the salary that shall be awarded to them, training programs, roles and responsibilities as a member of the organization, etc. Overall, staffing entails being able to rationally evaluate an individual, including his strengths and weaknesses, and hiring them as soon as they are proven to be the best candidate for the vacant job, and once hired, making sure that he does what he is supposed to do efficiently.

Aside from the hiring or orientation process, staffing also includes the identification of the various needs of staff members to ensure that they maximize their skills and abilities in order to meet the goals and objectives of the organization. Moreover, staffing which develops the skills and abilities of staff members through program training, and the organization’s ability to provide a generous salary and benefits, would ensure that staff members stay loyal to the company. Thus, avoiding the costly and time-consuming process of recruiting and staffing all over again. Outlaw, 2000)

The staffing and recruitment phases are where all of the organization’s successes begin. Therefore, both phases must not be taken for granted, instead employed with the most efficient strategies and techniques in order to ensure that both staffing and recruitment shall yield desirable results for the organization. Organizations must remember that aside from the customers, investors, and other stakeholders, which the organization holds valuable, the staff members are the ones behind the scenes who make sure that the organization functions efficiently.

The evolution of the business industry now demands organizations to up their level in the playing field by making sure that the organization will run smoothly despite tight competition. The only way they see this happening is for organizations to express how important staffing and recruitment is to their success. Selecting the best candidates to work for the organization and hiring the best of the best, is the only way to go, when the only thing that will keep the company running is the cooperation and quality performance outputs from the staff members of the organization.



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