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St Lucie Teacher/Referral and Placement Essay

The events in Alex Barton’s kindergarten class can most certainly be considered emotional and verbal abuse. Despite the fact that police dismissed the case and no charges were filed the issue of abuse is still a problem for Alex Barton. Alex was humiliated in front of his peers under the guidance of a teacher. Teachers have the responsibility to teach their students good moral character and this teacher failed to do so. Allowing students to belittle and verbally abuse one another should not be tolerated or encouraged.

Further, the teacher or the students have no authority to vote a child out of the class simply because they don’t like him. The job of a teacher is to welcome all students, regardless of academic or ability level, into the classroom and educate them. Not only did this teacher fail to welcome Alex into the classroom but she also failed to set an example for the other students. It seems that the two students who voted to have Alex remain in the classroom have more character than the teacher does.

Students with disabilities have every right to learn as children without disabilities. Referral and placement refers to the idea that students with disabilities be placed in classrooms where they will function well and show educational progress. Therefore, the type of classroom that suits the needs of a disabled student will vary depending on the functionality of the student and the type of disability. The most important aspect of referral and placement is taking the progress and abilities of each individual student into account before placing them anywhere.

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Students with high functioning disabilities may do the best in an inclusive classroom while lower functioning students may learn best in a special education classroom. Referral and placement is not a blind process. Careful consideration must be made to ensure the success of each individual student. Alex Barton may have done extremely well in the general kindergarten classroom if his teacher had given him the chance. Instead, Alex should now be referred and placed in a classroom with a teacher who will love and accept him just the way he is.

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