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St Benedict’s Rule for Business Success Essay

Someone should be misunderstood and misapprehended if he would literally interpret the title of the book St. Benedict’s Rule for Business Success as merely an interruption of a spiritual icon’s teaching, or perhaps the religious clergy itself of Benedictine order, in any profitable organizational body such as commercial trading and business. Although it is somewhat similar with the book’s agenda, it is still completely not about a step by step procedure at applying such St. Benedict’s rule to be able to have a successful and flourishing business. Clarity of perception to the old rule of St.

Benedict could be the mission of the book, wanting the audience to appreciate, value and apply the lessons as simply as possible. The Author The author of the book is an intellectual business professor at University of Findlay. He is Quentin R. Skrabec Jr. He attained his doctorate degree in Manufacturing Management from the University of Toledo, his post-graduate studies at the Ohio State University and his Business Management degree at the University of Michigan. Being a productive teacher could be his childhood dream as he educates business minded persons, particularly readers of his book.

Thus, it makes him an efficient author who published several business management reference books successfully and effective consultant coaching organizational designs aside from having the vocation of teaching as his full-time profession in a well-respected university. He could also be identified as a follower, if not a fan of the Benedictine doctrine, specifically the rule of St. Benedict, as he is fond of practicing within himself and sharing the said rule with the public in a simplified and modern manner.

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Book Summary The book tackled simplification of the organizational approach and systemic method given by St. Benedict in his set of rules that was written, applied and proven more than 15 centuries ago. It discussed basic tips for business success and for people involved in an organization on how to develop skills, improve ways and maintain it. Irregardless of how old the rule it was, Skrabec still believes its effectiveness that until today’s modern generation, he knows that it is still appropriate and applicable.

The Benedictine rule must be timeless. St. Benedict’s Rule for Business Success is a document full of easy guidelines. It could be a better textbook and Magna Carta for corporate executives, managers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and even business students. Since originally, the rule is compiled by St. Benedict for the foundation of Western religious communities like the Roman Catholic monasteries, we still viewed its enduring validity in running different kinds of organization especially business.

As given in the book, there are some moral principles that an organization has to have to be able to achieve expected success like getting rid of any negative vibrations, which means that happy ambiance should be always present; building up rapport and teamwork in every departments; coordination and cooperation; putting together spiritual mood and spiritedness in the working environment, presence of oneself in any aspects; and helping the organization create a more simulative and educational yet friendly atmosphere to its people. Analysis St.

Benedict’s Rule for Business Success is telling us four fundamental aspects in operating a business. Firstly, the need to establish an unshaken and encouraging institution has to build. Secondly, material resources should be treated as God’s given tangible gifts that should be treasured. Thirdly, there is a call for oneself’s innovation and transformation for the betterment of himself and his organization. Lastly and the most important principle of all, the organization has to treat his people as the most precious resources and most valuable assets of the company. Conclusion

Every successful corporations and organizations create a set of rules for them to abide by. Some are easy to follow and some are difficult and complex. The book is created to give us another loom in managing a business which is believably appropriate especially at times of crisis. Today that economic dilemma is experiencing in every corners of our nation, the rule of St. Benedictine might be helpful, if not the only source to follow. The rule does not suggest negativity for enthusiasm but vice versa. It offers a lot of optimistic guidelines that will uplift one’s eagerness and motivation to move on and be a successful one.

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