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Sports Marketing Essay

One way a team advertises, especially to come to its games are by setting up promotion days. An example of this can be a team like the New York Mets. As I have printed out the different days with what the Mets will be promoting and an example for this can be on Sunday, April 21 the Mets will face the Nats at Citi Field at 1:10 pm and the first 25, 000 fans will get a Ron Darling All-Star bobblehead doll and it’s presented by Citi.

Not only is Citi Bank advertising on the doll with its logo, but the Mets are encouraging as much fans as they can to come to the ballpark and not miss out on this opportunity. Not only are the Mets hosting this year’s All-Star Summer Classic, they are advertising Ron Darling, a former All-Star himself. A second way a team can advertise is the way the former Nets of NJ now being the Brooklyn Nets is how they advertised in the summer in Brooklyn and NYC wide by posting their move to Brooklyn all over billboards.

The advertisements read like Bound for Brooklyn with a picture of Darren Williams shooting the ball. So they had their star player and not only for the present but hopefully for the future featured on this billboard with the hope of drawing as many fans NYC wide to join them in their move to the Barclays Center. It’s been a big success so far as when I go to their games the place is pretty much filled.

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