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Sport industry Assignment

Sport has important benefits for individuals and the country. The sport industry is important to many people whop work in it and those people who use the products and the services it offers. There are three main sectors of sports which are:

* The public sector- organisations which the government put the money into the business to keep it running, For example: Herring Thorpe leisure centre. The aims for the public sector are that they provide sports for people in local areas for a reasonable price and are not the best quality of facility. This sector isn’t really built for making a profit; it is mainly for the local people to participate in sport and to keep them fit and healthy.

The organisation of the public sector is good but if there is not enou money being made then they can close it down or close just the main attraction down which could be things like a swimming pool or a sports hall if a shortage of money. The people who participate in this sector are the local people who have a good interest in sport and want to keep fit and healthy. The public sectors funding isn’t to make a profit it is just to provide sports for the local people and for them to keep fit.

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* The private sector- an organisation which aims to make a profit from the business for themselves and other people. These are private clubs which provide facilities for members. The aims that the private sectors have are that they want to make a profit from the business not just for themselves but for other people as well and to provide a club and facilities for the members to use.

The private sector is mainly for making a profit for themselves and others. The profit that they make is then reinvested back into the company or is distributed to people and organisations who have invested money for their business. The private sectors organisations are accountable to their shareholders. The private sectors organisations must be able to respond quickly to any changes or demands from the customers. The people who participate in this sector are the people who have an interest in sport and want to be part of a private members club to keep fit in a group. E.g. Sitwell golf club and body tech fitness centre.

* The voluntary sector- generally organisations that local people provide activities for the local sports performers. People who do voluntary sectors are the people who give up their time to provide sports for other local people. Often these people have a common interest in the sports or a skill or feel that the activity they do is worthwhile and important like Sunday league teams. The aims of the voluntary sector are that they give the local people chance to take part in sport at their choice. The clubs are set up by people who have an interest in the sport or have a skill I the sport. Voluntary clubs often exist on members paying match fees and membership subscription. They often get involved in fund raising to keep the club going. The people who participate in this are the local people who have an interest in the sport and want to give their time up to take part in a sport and play in a team. E.g. Sunday football league.

Public Sector

The Rotherham leisure centre has sectors which are public. The leisure centre is run by the government and they give the manager of the centre so much money per year and they have to chose what to spend it on like buying new equipment or coaches for the sports that most people like to participate in. also they may chose to introduce some new sports into the centre that people don’t usually do. At the end of every year the head of the council who gives them the money, comes in and interviews the manager of the centre to see what they spent the money on and what they think worked and what didn’t. Sometimes there can be more than one interview with these two people and they could be in the middle of the year just to see if they are using the money right. The public sector is where the government and local authorities provide the facilities for the committee.

Central government.

The money for the public sector comes from:

* taxes,

* betting duties

* National lottery.

They have to pay money out for:

* local authorities,

* grants to- sports councils

* countryside agency,

* youth sport,

* sports match sponsorship

* Armed services sport.

Local authorities.

The money comes in for the local authorities by,

* the government

* council tax

* business rates

* grants- national lottery, foundation for sport and the arts, sports council

* partnerships with business

* Charges for sports facilities.

The money goes out for:

* Education facilities, equipment, staff for schools, youth clubs and adult education

* Local sport facilities such as polls. Sports centres, playing fields

* Grants to local sports clubs or groups

Local authority-Private sector

If someone was to set up a sports centre in Rotherham they would have to get planning permission of the local authority before they would be able to start building the centre. Also they would have to tell the local authority what they are doing in the sports centre to make sure that it is ok for the private members. Also they would have to have a health and safety certificate before they are able to open the centre and let people use the facilities. Also they may need to have police checks on the staff to make sure they are safe to work with other people in the centre, like if they have a crache they would need to be able to work with younger children safely. The private sector is where companies provide facilities mainly to make a profit.

Money comes in from:

* Profit from running business, including national lottery profit

* Spectators (paying to watch)

* Merchandising

Money goes out for:

* Direct sponsorship of individuals, teams and governing bodies

* Sponsorship (through sports aid)

* Pools company money to the foundation for sports and the arts and the football foundation

* Payment fort television rights

* National lottery funds to government

* Operating sports facilities

Local authority-Voluntary sector

The voluntary sector would need all their staff to have police checks to make sure that they don’t have someone with a criminal record working for them. They also may need to tell the local authority what they are doing in case they are going to be using some of their facilities. The voluntary sector is where the clubs and governing bodies provide facilities for their members.

Money comes in from:

* Grants from government

* Local authority

* Sports councils

* Governing bodies

* National lottery

* Foundation for sport and the arts

* Charitable trust

* Companies (sponsorship)

* Subscriptions

* Fund raising

Money goes out for:

* Basic running costs

* Development expenses

Sources of funding in the United Kingdom sport.

Sports council.

The sports council helps out the voluntary and public sectors but probably not help out the private sector because it is their own business and they have their own money. The voluntary sector can do fund raising to raise some money for their club but they can also ring up the sports council and they will give them some money to help them out. Also the public sector can get money of the sports council if they ring up and ask because they do it for the publics own use and enjoyment. The sports council would give both public and voluntary sectors money but they would give more money to the voluntary sector because they get no money apart from fund raising and match fees. The sports council looks after the UK sport; in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There are regional offices in England and there are local sports councils. The sports council has a responsibility for international affairs and for attracting major events to the UK. The English sports council now only has responsibility for its own country, like the other three national sports council. The sports council increase participation in sport and physical recreation, also increase the quantity and quality of sports facilities. Also raise standards of performance and provide information for and about sport. The sports council do many aims to do as their job which were gave to them in 1972 and they still are the same now, they are:

* To increase participation in sport and physical recreation;

* To increase the quantity and quality of sports facilities;

* To raise standards of performance;

* To provide information for and about sport.

The sports council have to do many things to reach the aims above, they have to give grants to the national governing bodies to run programmes in order to meet there aims. The sports council also have to run campaigns to advice participation, they also give grants to the sports centres so they can get new facilities, also they run national sports centre and provide information. They also have to work in many other ways to improve the British sport. For example, they are responsible for giving out the money for sport from the national lottery. The sports council don’t just get there money from the government they get it from many different things,

* The government gives a grant to each sports council

* National lottery money given out by the English sports council will be about £300 million in 1996/7.

* Sponsorship from commercial companies supports development programmes.

Governing bodies.

The governing bodies in sport will not help the public sector with any of their task to help out the leisure centre and to help them out with any money problems. Also the governing bodies wouldn’t help out the private sector with nay of their issues they might need help with. The voluntary sector would be the only sector that the governing bodies would help out with any issues that they can help them with. The governing bodies would only help out the voluntary sector because they are running a sports team and not getting paid and they are keeping the people fit and interested in sport. Also they would help them because they have to try and raise money however they can to get money and it is for them and not a business.

The national governing bodies of sport:

* Are voluntary organisations with democratic constitutions,

* Have members of clubs elected to make decisions,

* Use mainly unpaid volunteers,

* Have many full time paid officials to run the body,

* Are independent of the government,

* Are usually members of the C.C.P.R.

Differences and similarities between public, voluntary and the private sector.

The differences between the public and voluntary sector are; that the public sector organises the sports for the publics use and not to make a profit from the sports centre, but the private sector is to make a profit from the users of the centre and for private use only. However the voluntary sector is just to get people interested in sport and not to make a profit, if they want some money for the club then they have to do some fund raising. Also the funding for the voluntary sector would be helped out by the governing bodies because they are running a team without getting paid, but the public and the private sector would not get helped out by the governing bodies because they get money from the club.

The similarities between the sectors is that they all have to have certain things for their centre like the public sector get some much money per year and they have to chose what to spend it on, also the voluntary sector have to have police checks on all their staff and the get some help on there funding for the club, the private sector have to have police checks on all the staff and they have inform the local authority of what they are going to do in the sports centre. One of the biggest differences between the sectors are the people who us e the facilities. The public sector is mainly the people who live near the sports centre and who don’t have to travel far. Where as the private sector it is just the people who have made a member of the club.

The voluntary sector is the people who are interested in sports and who do it for fun, for example someone who runs a Sunday league team. Another difference for these sectors is the prices, if you were to go and use the public sector centre you would have to pay but I wouldn’t cost a lot of money. Where as if you were to go to a private centre you would have to pay a lot because you would have to make a member of the club, but if you were to go to voluntary you would only be paying things like your match fees and if you got any red cards or fines. Money is another big difference between these sectors, the public sector is not there to make a profit but just to provide sports for the public people. Where as the private sector is there to make a profit from the centre because they need money to run the centre. But the voluntary sector just there for fun and to provide sports for people.

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