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South Africa’s problems Assignment

There are many problems experienced by Thabo Mbeki’s government today. One of these problems is Aids. Aids are social problems nearly a 10th of the population are infected with this disease. Aids make most of South Africa’s problems seem trivial. The average life expectancy is set to fall from 60years to 40 by 2008. Aids caused a social problem for Thabo Mbeki’s government as nearly a tenth of the population is infected. This causes a problem for Mbeki as this will increase the number of orphans who he will have to spend money on to support; also with the number of orphans increasing the more likely the orphans will be to commit crimes.

This will result in expense for the government where they could have been spending money on things more worth while like new houses for the poor. Crime is also a social problem as more people are committing crimes as they have either left school, effected by aids or poverty stricken and they see the gangsters and criminals as idols, crime is also the way most black men in south Africa make money. One crime people commit is stealing electricity this causes the government to lose millions of pounds each year.

With the youths dropping out of education and turning to crime there will be a lack of employment as they do not have the qualifications for the job. With crime, aids and other social problems leading to the majority of the black youths dropping out of school, or family’s not being able to afford for there children to go to school this results in an economic problem for the government as it will cause unemployment. One thirds of the work force in South Africa has no job and cannot get one means that most of them will turn to crime to make their money.

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With the unemployment rate so high, it forces old women to have to work on rubbish dumps searching for things to sell e. g. cans. By searching in the rubbish dumps the women are at risk to sickness and diseases. Many unemployed women have been abandoned by husbands and left with children. This will cause problems for the government as it will mean there are more children growing up with no education due to parents not being able to afford it.

Then you get the cycle of them turning to crime and not being educated meaning more unemployment happening. Unemployment leads to white emigration as the whites fear the crime and violence and feel that the authorities can’t protect them. This results in the whites leaving the country and taking their business abroad with them, taking more money out of the country and reducing job options leaving more unemployment. There are also political problems that Thabo Mbeki’s government are facing.

These political problems are such things as corruption within the government e. g. travel gate and Zuma trial. There where critics of Mbeki’s failure to solve the problems e. g. Poverty and Aids. There is also the problem of who will succeed Mbeki after his last term is up. One of the leading men is Jacob Zuma although this man has been accused and cleared of rape charges, but this trial has seriously dented his credibility by exposing his recklessness.

He also faces another trial for corruption. Those charges had led directly to his sacking as the country’s deputy president. This is a problem for Mbeki as there is no real clear successor to him who will lead the country successfully and not let the country slip back into its old ways. The main problem facing Mbeki’s government is the people are losing faith in the government due to them not making much improvement on main problems such as aids, unemployment and poverty.

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