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Sources of Stress and Ways of Coping Essay

The condition of stress is something that a person experiences due to the environment, emotional and physical, that s/he is in, which thus results in a gap or discrepancy in the person’s ability to accomplish something and the environment’s demand from the person. Stressors are the changes occurring in the environment of the individual that results in the accumulation of stress or worsening or one’s stress conditions.

Some stressors can be the sudden change or sudden demand in the work environment, or the occurrence of an emotionally or physically toiling event like death or divorce. (Petersen 12) Other stressors can come from daily events like traffic or even environmental changes like pollution or fluctuating weather conditions. The source of the individual’s stress can be varied, or can come from anywhere an anything.

For instance, the unprecedented occurrence of an impactful life event life passing away of a family member or birth of a child can definitely cause stress to a person. Personal reasons like work and study can also affect someone’s well being like if there is too much office work and late working hours, or demanding exams and paper works. Responsibilities like having to support a family or being unemployed can be a reason for stress. Also, environmental, like pollution, and health, like pain or ailment, considerations must also be taken into account.

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The list of things, events, and circumstances that lead to stress is numerous, and as long as it impacts negatively in the physical or emotional well being of the individual, and tends to be unmanageable, then stress is always possible. What is the life events approach and what problems are associated with this approach? Life events are the important and key events in the life of the person that interrupts everyday life and possibly change of alter the individual’s life and perspective.

Examples of life events are marriage, divorce, death, birth, and so on. According to Jang in the article Life Events and stress, life events approach is the identification of the occurrences that signaled turning points, and the scrutiny of how such events impacted on the present emotional and physiological condition of an individual. One assumption of the approach is that each events is regarded as stressful; although the impact is quite subjective, and dependent on each individual and the conditions how the life event took place.

A criticism of the approach is that the aggregate of life events does not necessarily give the complete picture of the individual; hence it would be inaccurate to analyze the present condition with reliance on these life events. Also, as argued by Jang in Life Events and Stress, it has certain assumptions that can be inaccurate, and some criticisms are that life events is dissimilar in all populations and that there are certain biases in looking at some life events. How can social and cultural factors become sources of stress?

Give some examples. The source of stress can come from socio-cultural conditions, if the social and cultural standing and situation of an individual becomes a deterrent to achieving daily and life goals, and its demands takes its toll on the person. A clear example is when a less fortunate individual is pressured to support a family, then that person would push oneself to maintain several jobs, which can be physically and emotionally toiling. Also, loss in employment would mean income loss, which can cause stress.

Cultural factors can come into play when for instance a person experiences discrimination in the workplace, then it would affect his/her outlook and performance, and can indeed be a source of stress. Another example, in relation to broad cultural considerations, a consumerist culture, which is apparent during the holidays, can exert financial pressure on individuals that in turn can result to stress. These, and other examples would point to social and cultural considerations as possible stress sources.

What is conflict and what are the three basic types of conflict? The conflict stressor is something that a person experiences when s/he has to make a choice, and the alternatives are not compatible or would lead to different outcomes. For instance, one has to choose between two job offers; it is a difficult task but not necessarily negative, but can cause confusion and stress. Another example is when the supervisor asks you to transfer to another city, or else resign from your job; this is a situation where one has to make a choice.

The three types of conflict stressors are: (1) approach-approach, (2) avoidance-avoidance, and (3) approach-avoidance. (Medline Plus) The approach-approach conflict is when the person has to decide between two positive or desirable alternatives. The avoidance-avoidance conflict is when a person has to choose between two negative or undesirable situations. The approach-avoidance conflict is when the choices have both negative and positive implications. What advice would you give someone who is experiencing severe stress?

The advice that I can give someone who is experiencing stress is to attempt stress management. Stress management can be done through numerous ways, and the manner by which personal stress can be managed would ultimately depend on the situation of the individual. One advice that is sound is for the person to be organized and have a good strategy for time management. Usually, work and personal stress is due to the inability to manage time well, which is why tasks pile up and not accomplished.

Another way to manage stress is through exercise, which can divert attention from situations like are emotionally toiling, can definitely aid the health of the person. Another way to cope with stress is to have a massage, spa or even a calming therapy session, which I believe can lighten the mind and physique of anyone with stress. Describe a very stressful event in you life and how you did cope and are coping with it today. One instance when I experienced great stress was when in school there were several very difficult subjects that have scheduled exams in the same week.

This was particularly difficult for me as I have to cope with studies, which I value much. Also, passing those subjects is extremely important, because stakes are at hand. One of the ways that I tried so that I would reduce my stress level is to rest in between studying so that I would give my mind and body a much-deserved break. Also, I tried to sleep well and try to get at least 6 hours of rest every night. Then I think about things that I can reward myself with after the exams so that I would be motivated.

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