Source of power - Assignment Example

The current source of power in this position is both the mission of the marketing strategy and the products involved and the finance manager who already knows about the potential of the product sales as well as the long term gains of the products and you contribution. The product, based on the marketing research and consumer survey will strengthen the interest and confidence of the company in the marketing manager. Another great source of strength is the ability to get results.

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If the product sells and the marketing strategy used is based on the marketing managers’ ideologies, this will provide immense source of strength to insulate the marketing manager position. Resolving conflicts and the powers of the marketing manager Due to a demand for consistency in sales through the marketing strategy and the ability to increase sales the marketing manager has the power to delegate on how a product will branded, marketed and sold.

He is also behind all the key elements of resolving the arising issues of consumer dissonance and various issues affecting the product and the marketing team. The marketing manager has the responsibility of resolving conflicts arising from both the marketing strategy and the marketing team. Based on conflict resolution principals, the manager will foresee team work is maintained and that there is team member’s motivation. There is also the responsibility to create team simulation. He is also to oversee the resolution of conflicts between the team members and other departments involved.