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Soldier Life Essay

As an American Soldier, for the past 4 years I have proudly served my country. With completing one tour to Iraq and endless amount of training being a Soldier is “My Way of Life.” Being a Soldier is important to me because I have the opportunity to serve my country, provided a stable life for my family, and lastly facing daily adversities and overcoming them.

To begin with, having the opportunity to serve my country has given me nothing but great pride and joy. The United States of America as many call it, “The Land of Opportunity” it is exactly that. Coming from a third world country, the United States of America has given me a quality education. Which opened more doors for my future. Along with many other opportunities I would not have been given if I had not come to this country. For this reason is why I have decided to serve this country. It is important to me to give back what this country has offered me.

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Not only has being and soldier given me joy in serving my country, but it has also provide a great and stable environment for my family and I. For my family, being a Soldier has equally given them benefits and opportunities many other lives wouldn’t have. Having a stable income and home provide us all peace and mind from the ups and downs of our current economy. Knowing my family is taken care of from all points starting with health coverage to housing are just a few pluses that come with being a soldier. My family is first and foremost, and being able to provide them with a stable home is a priority, and the military has allowed me to do so.

In the military there are many challenges we face on a daily basis. Being a soldier facing these challenges gives me a sense of self. Facing adversity along with overcoming adversity I know I have completed my task. When there is a job to be done, I take pride in completing the task at hand. It is equally important to me that I do my job well, by aiming to achieve and exceed the standard. Seeing the end results are what I look forward to. Although there are many adversities, knowing that I can overcome and complete my job, I have faced my challenge and there is nothing like achieving the standard and exceeding it.

In conclusion, being a soldier is important to me because I have the opportunity to give back to my country which has giving me so much. I can provide a great life for my family through the tough times, that America’s economy is facing. And lastly, I am able to face new challenges, which keep me challenged to keep my job exciting. Being a soldier has become a, “Way of Life for Me,” and I will continue to be the Best Soldier, NCO, Leader I can possibly be.

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