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Sociology Concepts: Developing Countries Essay

The course of sociology is very wide covering aspects relating to behavior of human beings and how they interact with the society. There are a number of social aspects relating to human behavior such as politics, environment, culture, gender and government policies. In this paper a major concern is the perspective of government systems and other sociological concepts relating to developing countries. Among the three key insights evolving through this course is first, the influence of society in development of government systems.

A second component is the impact of changes in human behavior that has led to improvement in economic, political, religious, academic and culture of third world countries. Third lesson is the impact of technology in running affairs of government and developing nations. Politics is one main component of sociology which relates to different entities in government systems. Taking this course and going through the class work has widened the perspective of viewing sociology as a matter of politics. One major development is in the aspect of understanding the structure and dynamics of the society.

This is in relation to connection of certain human behavior and the changes within an individual’s life in connection to government systems. The course has clearly led to an analysis in particular ways at which social structure has an influence in human attitudes, opportunities and actions. The social structure is an important component which connects government in the aspects of politics and the entire society. Without society, government systems such as political, governance, legal systems, economic, social and religion cannot work appropriately.

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This is because the purpose of government through various systems is to serve the entire society. The wide scope of social structure constitutes of organizations, social categories (such as sex, class, race and age), communities and social institutions which include religion, economic, kinship and politics. All these classes of social structure make up the entire government systems (Amenta, 2001). A major area of concern in sociological perspectives of government systems includes social change, power, culture, violence, order, inequality and social control.

The interaction of the society through various institutions such as religion, economy and politics has influenced the way of life for third world countries. Key issues which have made third world countries remain in their position such as crime, drug abuse; poor governance methods, cultural beliefs and illiteracy are addressed in this course. This is a wake up call to leaders in these states to consider reviewing their leadership tactics for better future. The society is a very important element as is reflected in the way of transforming change by doing away with matters affecting their lives.

Embracing the modern way of doing things and abandoning traditional practices as is addressed in this course has led to development of third world nations. The mode of governance in most developing nations is very pathetic as it is characterized by dictatorship and poor governance. This considers the aspect of human behavior consisting of bureaucracy. The course evaluates the basic measures necessary to do away with such leadership and addresses a better mechanism of leadership.

A third insight is the impact of technological advancement in running affairs of the government and its influence on third world states. Technology has played a very important part in the social aspect of individuals ranging from communication, transportation and lifestyle to governance. The aspect of technological advancement has an impact on the social life of individuals in matters of culture, academics, economy and political structure and is clearly addressed throughout the sociology class.

Technological advancement has led to a change in the way of life which is addressed in the course as modernization (Amenta, 2001). Various third world countries which have adopted technology have a strong economic structure which is a major development towards achievement of societal goals. In conclusion, the three insights concerned with sociological perspectives about government systems and aspects related to developing countries reflect the current happenings in the society. The society is the first priority in the introductory part of the course as it is the core of the subject matter.

Without society which constitutes of members application of government systems cannot be possible. The services provided by government through various sectors are determined by the society especially in the aspect of governance. Distribution of resources made through various government systems is influenced by the manner in which the society behaves (Amenta, 2001). This is basically influenced by the second insight of behavioral character related to economic, political, religion, academic and culture.

The organization of the society through various governmental systems leads to growth of economy a necessity in influencing the way of life. The influence of developed states in matters of governance has an impact in the behavior of society members. A strong political structure is thus critical in a number of third world countries which is also influenced by a number of factors. One basic and critical factor is technological advancement a component of globalization. This has shaped the future of third world countries through creation of strong communication and transportation network.

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