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Sociology and Environment Essay

Macionis discusses different sociology concepts that would be useful in an analysis of current environmental problems, such as global warming (2008). For this limited topic, concepts involving social groups and formal social organizations are important (Macionis, 2008). The interaction of sociological concepts and environmental problems may be observed in the way that different formal organizations all over the world had already taken it upon them to take concrete action towards solving environmental issues like global warming.

Indeed, many movements and organizations notice the earth’s problem with respect to pollution, global warming and destruction of ecosystems (Cline, 1992). Global warming is a worldwide phenomenon that is the subject of serious concern these days. Manifestations of this phenomenon are being felt the world over, and these include a huge “trend toward warmer global temperatures, heat waves and periods of unusually warm weather, ocean warming, sea-level rise and coastal flooding, glaciers melting, and Arctic and Antarctic warming” (Environmental Defense, et al. , 1999).

These manifestations appear to be general effects that have no immediate effect, but these are already causing more drastic impacts on countries. For example, continued global warming causes the spreading of disease, droughts, fires, downpours and heavy snowfalls, earlier arrival of spring, and shifts and changes in plant and animal range. These effects as a whole indicate the global nature of the effects of global warming, (Environmental Defense, et al. , 1999) which may be part of the reason why many formal organizations have already begun being concerned.

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It is worth noting that the solution and more importantly, the prevention, of these problems also lie in the hands of man. More particularly, the areas where man could take steps towards correcting the damage to the environment call upon leaders to develop programs and policies designed to remedy the problem. Moreover, leaders need to use techniques to implement such programs and policies and deliver results. Thus, it is important for human organizations to utilize sociology concepts in organization, such as informal and formal networks of information, distribution of labor and a good system of hierarchy (Macionis, 2008).

The participation of leaders in saving the environment is manifested in the acts of countries in taking responsibility in the prevention and saving the environment. As big movers of the world, and wielding great power over its citizens and private companies, countries can accomplish a great deal in preventing further environmental damage. The different approaches in preventing the environment differ in accordance with the respective causes of the damage.

Knowing the causes of environmental damage would dictate the proper actions that would prevent such damage from happening. In the case of countries’ responsibility in this respect, their programs of actions should consist of strict rules and regulations that limit the power of individuals, groups, and communities to exploit the environment. Countries’ governments are the only institutions that are given the authority and mandate to regulate the use and exploitation of natural resources. Therefore, countries should be active and vigilant in protecting their environment.

For example, coral reef ecosystems, which are very important in maintaining the balance of life systems under the sea, are always being destroyed by abuses by man in utilizing resources from it (Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research). Thus, the main cause of destruction of coral reefs is pollution caused by man. Thus, environmental protection by countries should consist of the enactment of environmental protection measures and the formulation of appropriate environmental policies (Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research, 2006).

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