Sociology - Assignment Example

For the concern of sociological welfare, the aspect of economic development is considered an important issue. The condition and characteristic of the society can be reflected from the economic prosperity it is enjoying or has achieved at a moment. Commonly to this argument, society tends to live better if they have economic achievement. However, the process of promoting social development in each country varies in terms of their respective approach or strategies for their industrialization.

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At the present, countries vary in the rate of their development due to the aspect of their basis and the element they rely with for their economic progress. For the case of the low-income countries in the present, most analysts argue that economic development for these societies depend on the changes they need to make in their social condition such as raising the standard for women. This is mainly because in most low-income societies, the population of women are great thus, raising the social standard for them is important to promote their social welfare.

Achieving this, their society can promote the participation and effectiveness of the women sector in the campaign for economic prosperity and development. Giving them population an equal access to education, healthcare, skill training, and other critical social needs will further enhance the women sector enabling them to participate effectively for the economic growth of their society. For another perspective, raising the social standard of women is also likewise important as required by their need in achieving welfare conditions.

In most low-income societies, women are the one commonly experiencing abuses and inhumane living conditions as influenced by the severity of their economic problem. Due to which, it is important to raise the social standard towards their sector to protect their interest, rights, and welfare. Indeed, the economic challenges that are dominant in low-income societies also influences the sociological standard and condition of their people as both a mean of harnessing the potential of their population and protecting the right of their individuals in their society.

Raising the standard for the women sector is indeed significant for low-income societies as this required for improving the living condition and welfare of the women. Through which, low-income societies can preserve the quality and welfare conditions of their people while overcoming the challenges of their financial condition and achieving development for the betterment of their society.