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Sociology Essay

The world today has now become so crowded with the problems of technology and overpopulation. There are effects that endanger our environment and even our health. One example of these is the green house effect, which devastates the forests and makes our Earth a hotter place for living. Scientists and experts try to solve this problem through suggesting a process of making a perfect individual.

Perfect that it will do most of the good things in life. It implies that we may be replaced by a replicate that would have the perfect characteristics one can look for. In my own opinion, it is an immoral act. That action shows that scientists are playing gods making them think that they have the power to create through their knowledge and not through the normal means of creating a human being.

Yes! There is really a big problem that we face today and it calls for a more perfect set – up and composition of population or community, but making individuals with machines and chemical is a bit scary. We may be faced of more conflicts since the Christian world would not accept that. So if we insist the making of these fake but close to perfect individual, it will just start a new war by which arguments might go as: a better world can be achieved through people’s discipline or there is no other choice, no room for changes for greedy individuals.

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Cloning might be a good suggestion for some, but for me, it is really a violation of the moral ethics. Changes and development can still be achieved by the awareness of people and with the challenge of putting or expecting the first step from the leaders. Since they will be the ones who might fund the project of cloning, why not just settle in giving larger opportunities to the citizens to make their lives more fruitful. Government must have a say on this.

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