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Sociological Theorists Assignment

Three prominent sociological theorists have established their selves and their theories on stable grounds in the field of sociology. Behind the great minds of Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber, thoughts on social order abound the time when Industrial Revolution was taking place during the 18th and 19th century and their profound ideas amidst the situations surrounding their generation reveled until today.

With the same picture, these three sociological proponents made their corresponding similarities and differences. The basic similarity of the three proponents lies on the fact that all of them addressed the issues of the relationships between the economic and social systems (Gore, 1990). They are able to place their focus on the connection between the economies of their time and the society upon which the economies are included.

It is important to note that the relationship between the two sectors is the perceived sources of disparities and problems within the society. It is through introspection from the two where they root their arguments. However, the means they propose for their primary goal, which is that of social order, are different. Marx sees the society through the lenses of the conflict theory. As Campbell (1981) mentions, “Karl Marx sees human society as a process of development that will end conflict through conflict” (p. 13).

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In the conflict theory, it is through characteristics of force and cogency that social order is attained (Andersen & Taylor, 2006). For Durkheim, the approach is more of the functionalist perspective where he sees the society is a system which is composed of independent parts (Slattery, 2003). In the society composed of different social institutions, there is a great need for a “central nervous system” which would serve as the bond between these elements.

Where industrialization deliberately removed norms that hold the institutions together, there is restlessness within the society. However, Durkheim sees the restoration of morality and ethics on “the new professional guilds and associations” (Slattery, 2003). Lastly, Weber sees that it is through the establishment of bureaucracy that is characterized by a type of authority that rests on “rational-legal” where decisions are made on rational grounds and there is less personal bias included (Rosenberg, 1983).

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