Sociological Perspective concept of ill health - Assignment Example

From the data on the right, it shows clear evidence that South Asia has a longer mortality rate compared to the rest of the world. Caribbean and West Africa shows that they are below the standard mortality rate. There are clear reasons suggesting why Caribbean and West Africa fall below the standard mortality rate whiles south Asia having the highest.

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Asian people have great knowledge into knowing what’s good for their health and generally knowing how to take care of themselves. Because of this, they avoid unhealthy food such as fried oily dishes where consuming more healthy food such as steam fish. Because due to their good life style and diet, it helps and contributes their mortality rate much higher.

European has the next highest mortality rate where they fall behind South Asia. Because Europe is a fairly rich economy, the people can afford to eat decent meals. However, it’s because European does not know how to take care of their diet the same way Asian people does, their mortality rate is affected being lower. This may be due to eating more fried oily food where socially European has been referred to eating “fried fish and chips”.

Caribbean and West Africa may not necessarily be consuming unhealthily, there are alternative reason into why their mortality rate is lower. Unlike the European, Caribbean and West Africa is not a rich economy. The society may not get a filling meal each day. Because of this, their health is affected of not having a good nutritional diet and therefore increasing the chance of dying at an early age. This therefore is shown in the result having the two economies being very low.

In this graph, it shows the perinatal mortality rate of different economy. This includes Pakistan, Caribbean, Bangladesh, India, E Africa and UK. It shows Pakistan having the highest rate per 1000 live and still births while UK having the lowest. This may be due to many health reasons. Comparing Pakistan and UK, Pakistan does not have the essential support in health to where UK has. This is because for example, UK has many health clinics such as the NHS where it enables people to have health routine checks and more. Pakistan in the other hand does not have this type of luxury where it is available to the public. Even if there is this service, it will cost too much and simply, they cannot afford it due to being within a poor economy.

The graph also shows an order where which country is rich and unhealthy which is shown by having the economy going downwards from Pakistan being unwealthy to UK being the lowest in perinatal mortality rate being the most wealthiest.

Some people may come from different culture so therefore have a language problem to communicate. Therefore, they would not go to the doctors.


From this graph, it is comparing the health and illness of both sexes. Each has it own high and low areas.

On the graph, it shows male having a total death of 109,094 while’s females having a total death of 72,486. Male and female in general have different life styles. Male are generally more physical and females are less physical. Males may have a highest death rate due to their life style which involves doing more dangerous activities such as riding motor cycle. This therefore will enhance their chances of dying. This is the reason of men having higher injury and poisoning percentage.

Men and women have different appetite, therefore different diets. Women tend to eat more healthily where not consuming heavy products such as fried food and meat where it is bad for the health. Because men enjoy eating delicious food which is high in carbs and calories, it is not good for their health, this therefore will increase the chance of dying. This is reflected in the coronary heart disease where this lifestyle of diet is reflected back.

Men have a higher risk factor to those of women. This is because men tend to do higher level of smoking and drinking too of women. This affects their health considerably.

Good health means differently in different culture. People may think they don’t need to eat healthy and do exercise. It varies upon people.

Some people are less willing to go to the doctors, this therefore affect their health if there is a problem. For women, some culture prohibits women to get into close contact with male so therefore disallow them to go to doctors.

Social Class

Different class have different lifestyles. In this graph, it shows how different social class have different health standards where it shows the professional being at the top of the chart which represents them being the “best”. It goes downwards from Managerial; skilled towards the end is the unskilled. The chart shows how each class slowly goes down in health standard where the unskilled is at the lowest.

Many factors reflect back towards these results. Due to professional having a good income, they generally will have a better life where they can afford the things they want, ie, the best foods, the best lifestyle and more. They don’t need to suffer from unhealthy food, bad lifestyle where they can get other people to do it for them. This reflects back to their health and people doing the hard work.

There is then the skilled where they are specialised in one area where they have a steady income, and a moderate lifestyle. Because they have a good income and a better lifestyle than those who are unskilled, they have a better health standard. Of course, their health standard will not be the same as those who are professional; this is because the skilled need to work for their living whiles the professional does not need to do the hard work.

The unskilled has the lowest rate in the chart. This is because they may not have a steady income or possibly no income at all. This then reflect to their life style and diet which they can’t afford the luxury, food and much more which affects their health. They live on basic things, can’t eat healthy food which result in cheap fast food. This than increases many disease in their health such as heart disease which then reduces their life span.

Social class is reflected in this diagram. I will begin explaining with occupation. Occupation enables people to have an income which determine how good a person can live their life, whether it is to buy luxury, good food or more, it is all determined in their job and the salary income they get. The occupation also reflects back to their health whether what job they do will determine how physical they need to get. Job such as higher managerial, administrative, professional accountant, bank manager, dentist, doctor, solicitor, these jobs is not physical labour so it is better for their health. Job such as Cleaner, builder, lorry driver, assembly line worker is much hard work which require physical attribute so it wouldn’t be great for their health.

The black report

It is clear that the different social class have different health quality. These problems are linked to the income, unemployment, poor environment, poor housing, and education. The diagram is clear. People that are unemployed can’t afford to live in a luxury area so therefore they need to resort into living in a poor environment. If they have a family, they need to change school where education in a poor environment may not be good as those in a better environment. This then re begins the chain where the child will have a poor education so therefore they won’t have a good career which affects their income and social class.